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Can't pay you when you win.
(Updated: May 26, 2015)
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Anyone thinking of visiting mountaineer, needs to think twice before patronizing this establishment. Yesterday evening while trackside I realized I had a $6.20 wagering voucher in my pocket. When I attempted to cash it in I was told the windows were no longer open and to go to the casino racebook to cash my ticket , when I arrived at the casino the manager Tim was closing up and he informed me there was nothing he could do for me. He was incredibly rude and treated me Like I was some idiot customer for wanting to get paid. He informed me I would have to mail it in for payment or come back in tomorrow. He then proceeded to insult me by saying I don't have time for this and proceeded to Tell me tough luck. At that point I spoke to his boss the casino manager. I explained I came planning to shoot craps and showed her over $1,000 in cash so she understands its principle I get paid, all I want is my $6.20, I explained I want paid, once again her words were there is nothing I can do for you, at that point I took my money and left and drove to the rivers casino. I will never be back to mountaineer, I hope the $6.20 was worth it to you and your casino. Because I won't be back, and I suggest those thinking of visiting this place don't . They will take your money but good luck getting paid.
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August 19, 2015
Do you work at a job past your hours? They were closing-No one's fault but yours that you didn't cash in in time. They also gave you options and you didn't want to follow through with that. So they do pay when you win if you turn your voucher in before closing. Get a grip! So you trash just because you want things done your way-that's the problem with society today!
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