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If you need detailed information on every Indian casino, racetrack casino, riverboat casino, and casino resort in the United States, you can find all the info you need by using our comprehensive list of casino maps.

Our list shows all U.S. casino locations broken down by state. To access a detailed map, all you need to do is click on the name of the state to see map details showing every casino in that particular state.

If you want to see all available details on a particular casino, such as: games offered, room rates, dining facilities, etc., simply click on an icon on the map to get those details for each casino in the state of your choosing.

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Different Types of Casinos in Each State

Since there are 50 states in the US, each state is different, with its own gambling laws and regulations. That’s something to consider when you’re looking into different types of casinos available in the country. Below are some samples of the different types of casinos you can encounter when traveling throughout the US.

Traditional Casinos

Traditional land-based casinos are present in most states. These casinos usually include the type you can find in Atlantic City, New Jersey or Las Vegas, Nevada.

Native American/Indian Casinos

Some states have Indian casinos (Native American casinos), which are mainly located on tribal lands.

However, a word of caution when visiting these casinos as each state may apply different regulations and laws when it comes to visiting and using casino services on their territories.

Pari-Mutuel Casinos/Racinos

Racetrack casinos are also referred to as pari-mutuel casinos, and some states have these types of casinos. Many casino enthusiasts love other ways of gambling and betting, and casino owners figured out how to provide their clients with the best from both worlds.

That’s how "racinos" came to be. As the name suggests, racetrack casinos are located at horse race tracks that offer other ways of betting and gambling, such as live racing. You can find additional information on where you can place your bets on races at other race tracks around the states.

Some racetrack casinos offer traditional electronic casino machines, such as video poker and slot games, while some casinos also include the most popular live card and table games, such as blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Riverboat Casinos

If you live around states such as Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, and Mississippi, you can indulge in other types of casino games and gambling available at riverboat casinos. However, if you expect to find familiar scenes from Western movies that include a colossal paddlewheel boat and a poker table, we’ll have to disappoint you.

Taking a cruise in a boat while having a game of cards and a chance to score big is a little bit too perfect. While it’s true that some of the casinos are on real boats, they are required to stay dockside. In other words, they don’t cruise.

In most cases, these are giant barges rather than real riverboats that are docked on inland waterways. They are built to resemble ground-based casinos on water rather than traditional riverboats.

How to Use Our U.S. Casinos Maps

Use our maps to see a list of all casinos in the United States.

All states are listed in alphabetical order. Just choose the state you want and click on it. Once you arrive at the map, you can zoom in by clicking the + (plus) sign in the corner of the map, or you can zoom out, by clicking the – (minus) sign.

If you want to move the map, just click and hold down either of your mouse buttons. Then use the hand icon to drag the map in whichever direction you desire.

When looking at the map,  you will see that each red icon on the map is a casino location. Just click on a red icon to see the name of that particular casino. If you want more information on that casino, simply click on the casino’s name and it will direct you to a page of detailed information, including:

  • Directions
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Minimum gambling age
  • Buffet prices
  • Hotel rates
  • Games offered
  • Hours of operation
  • Link to that casino's website

We list maps for every state in the country with casinos, and then, each state further lists all available casinos within its boundaries.

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