Video Poker Strategy

Did you know that video poker is one of the best games that you can play in a casino? Yes. It's true!

Unlike a slot machine where the casino advantage can be as high as 12 to 18 percent, with video poker the casino advantage is usually only one to five percent. And, even better, there are actually some video poker games you can play where you will have a mathematical edge over the casino! That's right these are casino games that can return more than 100% to the players.

Now you may be wondering: how can a casino offer a game where they are giving the mathematical advantage to the player rather than to the casino? Well, the answer is that video poker is a game of skill rather than pure luck and only the skilled players will know how to play their hands properly to achieve those high payback percentages. That means that the casino can still make money on those 100+% payback video poker machines because the vast majority of players are not skilled and they will make playing errors that give the edge to the casinos.

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Want to be a Better video poker player?

If you like to play video poker then you should definitely consider buying a video poker software program to help you learn the proper strategies for playing any video poker game like a pro!

As you probably know, video poker is one of the best games you will find in the casinos because it has a very low casino advantage. However, that advantage can be a lot higher if you don't know how to play your hands properly because video poker is a game of skill, rather than all luck.

And that is where using a video poker software program comes in. Not only will it provide you with many hours of fun, but it can more than pay for itself by teaching you the best way to play your hand in any given situation in order to lower the casino advantage over you. Learn more, here -

Keep in mind that there is another reason why video poker is such a great game to play instead of a slot machine. And that reason is: you can easily tell what a video poker machine is programmed to pay back to the public simply by looking at its pay table. That's right. There are many different kinds of video poker games you can : jacks or better, bonus poker, double bonus poker, double double bonus, jokers wild, deuces wild, etc.  But they all have the same thing in common: they all have a pay table displayed on the machine and you can look at that pay table to easily determine the payback percentage for that particular pay table. This, therefore, allows you to go around the casino to look at the pay table on each machine to find the ones that will pay back the most to the players.

$8,000 Royal Flush

An $8,000 royal flush!

This could never be done with a slot machine because the information on what the machine is programmed to pay back to the public is controlled by the random number generator (RNG) inside the machine and it can't be determined by looking at the pay table.

So, if you are looking to learn more about how video poker works and how to be a better video poker player, then be sure look below to read some of the great video poker articles and to watch the informative YouTube videos we have produced to teach you how to win at video poker.

You will be sure to find out the best strategies for playing video poker, as well as great interviews with video poker experts that give you the best tips for winning at video poker. Good luck!

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