Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em is a table-game variation of a very popular seven-card stud poker game that is widely played in poker rooms at all U.S. casinos, as well as at the final table in the annual World Series of Poker championship. 
Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em is a registered trademark of Bally Gaming, Inc. and it was invented by Roger Snow, an executive at the company.  Originally, the game was only available in an electronic format, but it was later converted into a table game version. The original multi-player electronic version is still available in some casinos.

In either version, it is each individual player competing against the dealer, rather than the players competing against each other as in traditional poker games.

The format of the Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em table game version is similar to the poker room version because each player, as well as the dealer, is initially dealt two cards. After looking at those two cards, the player can then decide to check, or raise. 

Next, the dealer turns three community cards face up. Players who checked can now make a play bet or check again. 

Then, the dealer turns two more community cards face up. Players who have checked two times may make a play bet. If they don’t do that. then they must fold and lose their bets.

The casino edge in Ultimate Texas Hold’em is not too bad. It is 2.2 percent of an ante or about 0.5 percent of all the bets made. 

There is a strategy to Ultimate Texas Hold’em that will allow you to get the casino edge as low as possible. To learn more about that strategy, as well getting more details on the general procedures of how to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em, be sure to check out the links below!

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