One of the most common card games you will find in most casinos throughout the United States, next to blackjack, is three card poker.

One of the most important reasons three card poker has become such a popular games in the casinos is due to its simplicity.

It is very straightforward to play since a hand only involves 3 cards, the betting is simple and it has a beginner-friendly table layout as well. Additionally, there are only 3 possible places to put your chips (not counting newer side bets).

The game is broken down into two separate bets: ante/play and pair plus. The ante/play bets are strictly you against the dealer; if you have a better than the dealer then you win your bet. If you have a worse hand than the dealer, then you lose. This part of the game has a relatively low house edge at 2.01%  if played with with the proper strategy (see our article below to find out what that is).

The pair plus is a side bet that is based ONLY on the cards in your hand. As the name suggests, you get paid if you have a pair or better and lose if you don’t. You are paid according to a paytable on the felt of the table and this can vary from casino to casino. Since this has higher payouts of up to 100-to-1 for a mini royal (Queen-King-Ace of the same suit) this bet has a higher house edge of more than 7% for the more popular paytables.

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