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Bold and Italicized offers are different from the 2019 American Casino Guide

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  • David Bili

    Where in Vegas can you buy the 2019 American Casino Guide?

    • AcgAdmin

      You can buy the American Casino Guide in Las Vegas at the following locations:

      Gambler’s General Store
      727 S Main Street
      Las Vegas NV 89101
      (702) 382-9903

      Huntington Press
      3665 S Procyon Avenue
      Las Vegas, NV 89103
      (702) 252-0655

      Spinetti’s Gaming Supplies
      810 S Commerce Street
      Las Vegas NV 89106
      (702) 362-8767

      Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce
      575 Symphony Park Ave Suite-100
      Las Vegas, NV 89106
      (702) 641-5822

  • Martin Baker

    I am enquiring about bulk purchasing the book for 2021 season. Please let me know if you do any discounts for 500 copies. I am in UK and would need shipping costs.

    • AcgAdmin

      We could give a better price when buying in bulk. However, it is too early to give pricing details for the 2021 book. Please email us at in early July as we will have a better idea at that time. Thanks!

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