Are you a poker fan? Or do you love playing card games? Then video poker is definitely the game for you! It’s very popular, simple to understand, easy to play, and the rules are quite simple to follow. And it has a high payout in most casinos!

As easy as the game is, it takes a while to master. Doing that would require determination and more than a few visits to a casino. Let’s help you begin your journey of being a ‘video poker master’. These few tips will set you on the right path, so pay attention.

$8,000 Royal Flush

  • Choose your preferred video poker game

Just like any other casino game, there is a wealth of options to choose from here. First, select the denomination of the game you want to play, then select the game you want to play from the available games. Before making your selection, don’t forget to check out the pay table and the payout of the game you have chosen. If you want to win, this is important, so take note.

  • Place your bets

You’re in a casino, so placing a bet is compulsory, of course. Insert money into the machine and you’ll be shown a number of credits. You also get the option of different limits. But you should always hit the ‘bet max button’ to play the maximum credit in that game. Next, get ready to play.

  • Start playing

First, pick the proper cards to hold. You can do this by either pressing the “Hold or Cancel” button on the machine, or by touching the card on the video screen. Once you’re sure of the cards, you can now press the deal or draw button to either save your selected card or replace the others with new ones. Great! You are good to go. Now let’s see who wins. You or the house?

  • Decide to cash out or double up

If you win the game, on some machines you will be given two options. Take your winnings home, or double up. Going for double up? You simply pick a card from five cards. If your card is higher, you double up your winnings. If you are willing to take the chance, you might just go home with extremely heavy pockets!

So, now you have an idea of how to play video poker, but you’ll need a casino to try out what you’ve learnt, no? That’s where we enter the picture.

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