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Why Do You Need a Video Poker Strategy Chart? Unlike playing a slot machine, where you are relying on luck to win, video poker is a game that has an element of skill. This means that a player who knows how to properly play their hands will, in the long run, get a higher payback percentage on their video poker games than a player who simply guesses how to play each hand.

Keep in mind that there is only one mathematically correct way to play any dealt video poker hand. While some dealt hands are rather intuitive and easy to play, there are many hands where the correct play is not easily evident, especially in bonus games. In order to know the correct way to play your hands you will need a strategy chart to show you how to do it. 

Shown below are links to two charts that will give you an excellent simple strategy for both 9/6 and 8/5 video poker machines. These charts were derived from computer calculations and will give you a near-perfect strategy for playing any dealt hand. While not 100% perfect, they are close to it and will only be fractionally incorrect in some situations. The only difference between the two Jacks or Better tables is shown in the poker hands that have been italicized in the 8/5 strategy tables.

How do you Read a Video Poker Strategy Chart? Each chart will have a list of all the possible hands you can be dealt and each hand will be numbered. The closer the hand is to number one, then that would be the correct way to play that given hand.

For example:  You are dealt (6h, 6s, 7c, 8d, 9h). Should you keep the two sixes? Or, go for the open-ended straight? Well, when playing Jacks or Better, the mathematically correct play would be to hold the pair of sixes. And, how do we know that? Just by looking at the 9/6 chart you can see that hand #20 is a “four card open-ended straight with no high cards” and hand #16 is a low pair (2’s through 10’s).  So, since 16 is lower than 20, the proper way to play the hand is to keep the pair of sixes. 

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Listed below are links for two different video poker strategy charts. You can print them out and take them with you to the casino so you know how to properly play your hand in any given situation. Good Luck!

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