Oregon casinos mapHow to use our map of casinos in Oregon

You can easily see all casino locations by using our Oregon casinos map.

Oregon Casinos Map Key:

Red Icon: Casino location

Green Number: Cluster of Casinos in close proximity to each other (clicking the green icon will zoom in the map)

Zoom features: In the upper left corner of the map is a (+/-) symbol

  • + (Plus)- Zoom In
  • – (Minus)- Zoom Out

Layer features: In the upper right corner of the map is a ( /// ) symbol. Click on it to show the following display options:

  • Roadmap: The map will feature all roads and streets.
  • Hybrid: The map will feature all roads and streets on an overhead satellite image.
  • Satellite: The map will feature an overhead satellite image.
  • Terrain: The map will feature all roads and streets on a topographic image.

To scroll the map of casinos in Oregon, move your mouse icon over the map. The icon will then appear as a hand. Click and hold the left mouse button and the hand will “grab” the map. While the button is depressed (the hand will be closed) drag the map in any direction you would like the map to move.

The red icons on the map represent a casino location. Click on any red icon on the map to see the name of the casino at that location. If you would like more information, click on the casino’s name in blue and it will forward you to a new page with detailed information on that casino including: address, phone number, website, toll-free phone number, room rates, casino size, games offered, dining information, any special features, and availability of discounts for seniors.

Casinos in Oregon

Oregon is home to several types of casinos, Native American Casinos, bars & taverns with VLT’s, and racetrack casinos. Oregon state law permits any bars or taverns to have up to six video lot­tery terminals (VLT’s), these machines offer various versions of video poker. Racetracks are allowed up to 10 machines at each location. The VLT’s have a maximum bet of $2.50, and the maximum payout is capped at $600 on any machine.

All Native American casinos in Oregon offer such games as: blackjack, slots, and video poker. Select cIndian asinos also offer: poker, craps, roulette, Pai Gow Poker, three card poker, four card poker, let it ride, Spanish 21, big 6 wheel, keno, bingo, and off track betting. Unless otherwise noted, all casinos in Oregon are open 24 hours a day, and the minimum gambling age is 21, or 18 for bingo.

Portland, Oregon is a major hub and the most popular city in the state. If you are looking for a casino in Portland, sadly you are out of luck. The closest casino would be Spirit Mountain Casino, which is more than 70 miles SW of Portland.

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