Easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to play, fewer risks involved, and much more fun to play. These are all characteristics of keno. If you find yourself at the casino and you’re confused about what game to play, you should definitely try out keno! 

Although the game, as played as played in casino keno lounges, can have a high casino advantage of around 25 percent, the game moves very slowly because a new game is only played about once every 10 minutes. Also, minimum bets start at $1 so you can actually have some fun with the game without risking a lot of money. And, if the casino offers free cocktails while playing, you might actually come out ahead!

The game of keno is very straightforward; there are balls numbered from 1 to 80 and 20 of them are chosen randomly. Once your number (or numbers) is selected, you win your bet! But as simple as playing keno at the casino is, there are a number of things you should know about playing this lottery-type game as a beginner. These few things are as follows.

  • Get your cards, select numbers, and mark them

The first thing to do before playing keno is to acquire a keno card which will match the numbers displayed on the balls in the keno machine. Next, you select numbers and mark on your keno cards. Each of these numbers is called a keno spot and are arranged in 8 rows and ten columns. The numbers you can choose will be specified in the card. Once these have been done, you are ready to place your bets.

  • Know the different types of betting

Just like any other casino game, you must place a bet before playing keno. How else can the house keep the money rolling?

The common betting types in the casino include the straight ticket, where the numbers are marked as a single wager; the king ticket, where a number circled by itself is king and is used in all marked combinations.

There is also the combination ticket, where the player marks and plays a combination of groupings; and the progressive jackpots, which are usually offered by the house for higher-number totals played or for bigger bets.

Once you pick up your cards and select the numbers, divide your money among the cards and place your bet on each number. You can either wager on a single bet or wager on groups of numbers in the same game.

  • Watch out for your winnings-or losses, as the case may be

Once your wager has been placed, an electronic copy will be printed out and issued to you to enable you to tag along as the games are being announced. Cross-check to make sure that everything is correct before handing leaving the keno ticket window.

The winning numbers will be automatically generated and displayed on the keno board for all to see. If the numbers you selected match those pulled out by the machines, you win!

The amount won would depend on how many numbers were matched and how much was wagered. Finally, you submit your electronic keno card for verification and claim your prize.

Playing keno is quite easy, right? Well, it’s not just about knowing how to play it, because you’ll have to put what you learn into practice at a casino. 

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