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(Updated: December 23, 2017)
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i have been patronising onieda bingo and casino for over ten years. ive read the variose reviews on here, they upset me. people need to do research before coming on here whining about losing money at a casino. slot machines are not tight or loose anymore. havent been that way since the 1980s. they are operated by a computer with a random number generator. so if you win it is completely random. if you lose it is completely random. table games are set up so they shuffle the cards every two to three hands. that way people cant count cards. and as far as craps go do you know how many bets are on the table. all the different rules? there is a lot to remember, that is why there are 2 to 4 dealers at a craps table at a time. people who come on here and complain are people who either go once a month or year and lose or people who do not have self controll and keep pumping money into the machines. the only way a slot machine pays out big is if you are betting maximum bet. if you are betting minimum you arent going to win big money (for the most part). i have seen someone put 20 dollars into the machine and cash out 2 or 3 hundred later. i have put 30 dollars in and cashed out 300 later myself. it all depends on if you are betting max or not. i have bet minumim and seen jackpot hits and only get a bet win back BECAUSE I WAS BETTING MIMUMIM. if you dont understand the game dont play. any onieda employee will tell you the same thing. i am a white boy from chicago. i have patronised casinos in mississippi, illinoise, arizona and a few here in wisconson. onieda is no different from any of the so called big chain casinos. people say they need to comp more like vegas casinos. i say onieda is much to small to be able to afford that. over all a casino is about making money. people need to understand that before they run there mouth about a bussiness that they dont understand. again white boy from chicago with no relatives or friends employed by onieda. whiners need to go elsewear because honestly i go to a casino to have fun. not looking for free money. have a nice day
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January 06, 2019
LOL , people who loose lack self control?? what a douche bag,,,preach much? You are nuts if you think winning and loosing is completely random , you have zero idea what you are talking about ,,period
frank jones
March 12, 2021
The casino can and do control the payback percentage of the slots and video poker machines, at least with video poker they can't hide it. Who are you? An employee? Stock holder? Or somebody that happen to win once?
2 results - showing 1 - 2