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Washington 4124
Smoke everywhere and machines don't pay out
(Updated: April 02, 2015)
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I use to love this casino years ago when I use to win a little. However recently they have installed some new games but their machines pay hardly anything. I went through a 100.00 on 50 lions and did not get into a bonus round once playing 50 cents.

Smoke everywhere and no smoke eaters in the ceilings. They could care less about the non smokers. Security lets prostitutes, druggies and everything else in and do very little to protect the customers. I saw a guy drag his girlfriend or wife screaming and she was dragged at least 15 yards by her hair with 15 security guards watching and not one of them tried to stop it and allowed it. Security was busy telling everyone watching in shock put your cameras away.

The snack bar serves the same food for years and so does the restaurant. There is so much smoke there we have to change our clothes right away as soon as we get home. The only thing I can say about the casino that is positive is that you are allowed free cokes.

The last 6 time we have been there we have not won anything. A few machines will pay out but there is something wrong there. Someone stole 189.00 ticket from a scam about 2 years ago and the casino never offered to pay it back. All they told us was it happens all the time and the ticket was cashed out at the cashier.
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