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Golden Pony at Clearview OK
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The Casino has two entrances. One for cars and the other for RV's and Semi's. Be advised that the RV/Truck Entrance is so steep and badly designed that you are likely to drag the rear of your trailer. Parking is paved for cars and rough gravel for all others.

The Casino itself is strictly slots. There is a small snack bar on location with free soft drinks, coffee, tea, and popcorn. The snack bar menu is very limited. Although there are no french fries or other fried foods, the food is usually very good.

The staff is usually very friendly and helpful. Payouts don't seem to be all that good no matter what value machine you play. A number of the machines have minor operating issues such as play buttons that don't work or touch screens that don't respond.

Don't get me wrong, this is a nice small casino to enjoy burning through some cash. You might even be one of the people that hits a nice jackpot. There is no players club. They do offer specials such as men's night, lady's night, Cash drawings on Friday Evenings, and Senior Saturday Morning Drawings where the give you from $5 to $10 in free play.

Although the Casino is technically open 24 hours, cleaning causes a lot of machines to be closed in early morning hours.

This is a small and friendly casino that is nothing spectacular. Just remember that if you are in an RV or Semi that the entrance is steep and you will likely drag the back of your trailer. As you approach the RV/Truck Entrance, you can see how bad others have had their trailers dig into the asphalt.

I would use the car entrance even if I had a RV or Semi. The car entrance allows easy access to the RV/semi parking and it would help you avoid damage to your equipment. The car entrance is just south of the RV/Semi Entrance.



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