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Florida 4566
Way too much cigarette smoke!!!!!!!!!
(Updated: March 15, 2014)
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New ventilation system my ass!!! The casino advertises that they put a state of the art ventilation system in. This is a complete lie. It’s just as smoky in there as it was before. I feel bad for all the non smoking employees that work there. I’m surprised none of them have lung cancer. The general manager of this place should be ashamed of himself. He doesn’t even care enough about his customers or employees to have an adequate ventilation system installed. Speaking of the general manager, you rarely see him around. When you do see him all he is doing is eating. He’s never at any of the events or seems to have any involvement with the casino at all. You would think that he would take a little more pride in running a restaurant that is named after his father. The restaurant is almost always out of something. The other week they were out of pepsi, hamburger buns, lettuce, to go boxes, popcorn, and large cups. That is ridiculous. You would think that someone would be fired over something like that but apparently not because it has been like this on several trips I’ve made there. Oh and don’t go at night because there is no restaurant supervisor on duty so the cocktail servers never walk around to offer drinks because they're always outside smoking. I placed an order 1 night went to check on it 30 minutes later and couldn’t find anyone in the restaurant to help me. I was told by another employee that they were probably around back smoking and sure enough that’s where they were when I walked around the building. It seems like they have 3 supervisors during the day so why not make one work at night to keep an eye on things. Wouldn’t that make sense? This place is a joke. I've witnessed the one restaurant supervisor yelling and cursing at his employees right in the dinning room for not bring all of my food out at the same time when i specifically asked the waitress to bring our food out as it became ready to insure our food was hot. I've learned to ask for that because if you don't everything will be cold. Now onto the slot department. The slot machines are not maintained well. A lot them have doors that randomly trigger as being open which require a tech to be called and when they arrive all they do is bang on the door. Then 5 minutes later the machine does it again and I have to wait another ten minutes for a tech to arrive to bang on the door again. What kind of techs do that? You would think they would try to fix whatever is wrong. No they just beat on it like they're fonzy from happy days. If you hit a jackpot sometimes it takes forever to get paid. I’ve waited upwards of 45 minutes to be paid my jackpot. I’ve went upwards of ten minutes before without my jackpot even being recognized. Thank god there are security officers that walk the floor or else I might still be sitting there now what for a slot clerk to arrive. The players club is ok but my complaint with them is that they never walk the floor to help you. If I need a new players club card I have to go to the players club they don’t walk around and approach and ask if you need a new card. And that brings me to my next complaint. You can never get your card to work in the slot machines. You have to have an employee do it for you because they have a special way of doing it. I assume this is the slot departments fault. 90% of the things where you put your players club card in have 1 problem or another. Whether it’s the keypad or the touch screen, one or the other most likely has a problem or don’t work. Some of them are completely black and don’t even show your points. This place is like a run down shack. The person in charge of the slot department should be ashamed. If you ever have a dispute with the slot machine and ask to speak with a supervisor they always think they are right and never believe you. When you ask to speak to a manager or someone above them they always say that they're the person in charge. Where are the gaming regulators? Why won’t they let me talk to them? I don’t have any of these problems at the Seminole’s other properties. I’ve spoken my peace and I hope someone within the tribe reads this and makes some changes before this place goes under. The Seminoles are great people and I highly respect them. I don’t understand why they let this property be run like this. It's completely different than all their other properties regarding the way business is conducted. You guys need to hire some staff from Hollywood and send them to brighton to get them guys up to par. They don’t know what they're doing.
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September 28, 2015
I agree,
I am not a smoker but it does not bother me to much, BUT person smoking not to far from me was smoking and stunk very badly. I smelled when I walked out of building.
The vent system is no good in this place.
March 04, 2016
You have no idea! As a former employee of 6 years, I should write a book on that place. It is by FAR the worst casino I have ever seen. Any person who enjoys gaming should NEVER step foot in the place! Completely corrupt from top to bottom! The stories I could tell.
The Great One
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