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This is the tightest casinos I’ve ever been to.Horrible slot gaming experience! Going downhill fast. Slots are configured at their lowest RTP settings. Progressive holds are also adjusted daily to meet revenue targets. Loopholes in Maryland’s gaming enforcement allow for this, see below for explanation). Maryland gaming commission is constantly adjusting payout configurations, hold, progressive allocations, floor mix, and par settings, etc. Very Poor beverage service on the casino floor. Lacks feel and vibe of a Vegas Casino. Maryland Casinos are taxed at around 67% which is the highest of any state in the country. The impact of this is clearly evident in their payback. Maryland provides no specific information on their payback regulations or on how they regulate. They mandate (a loosely worded) average payback of 84% which is no longer specific to one machine but across the whole floor. This is lowered from 87% which used to be the requirement. They are having record state revenue due to these adjustments and their slot machines have average daily wins (holds) that are higher than any other Vegas or Atlantic City Casino.The Maryland gaming commission, who is responsible for the not only the regulatory side but the operations and control of the slot machines, is really the criminal here.

It is almost impossible to have a sustained winning session. They are making so many changes on the floor currently (never a good sign for players) replacing a lot of machines, layout updates. They are hosting so many marketing events almost daily (the marketing goods is how they skew the payback stats to player), free play, giveaways, gift shop dollars, cars, food credits, drawings etc. all of which gets rolled up to their payback percentage. This is how they get away with setting the slots tight. When you use free play, the bet is returned after every spin, meaning that the machine is calculating a 100 % payback when you don't even win anything.

They have enough data now on player habits that they utilze the information to adjust machines during certain times when they expect free play use even down to the machines. I have personally seen the accounting statistics on a few popular games (aristocrat buffalo gold and grand) , SG (dancing drums) thanks to some naive slot techs who showed me the configuration menus. Actual payback was at 81% on the buffalo And 73% on dancing drums which is substantially below the legal state minimum payback or RTP of 84 % supposedly “required” in Maryland. Some of the Konami 1cent machines have actual paybacks in the 70% range. All very interesting since these are well below the minimum Theo for these machines.

It’s really sad what the Maryland gaming commison is doing here and across all the state casinoa. This is not a place to gamble on slots anymore, easily the tightest casino I have ever played at and I’ve been everywhere. I guarantee these tactics and loopholes in the state regulations or lack there of will ultimately come back to haunt them.
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