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Located just off the Southern beltway, MGM is easy to spot and easy to access from the South. If you're coming from other directions, you'll have to fight the horrendous traffic that D.C. is notorious for but that's not the fault of the property. We've been to a lot of casinos and MGM National Harbor was really hyped up as being THE place to go so we decided to give it a try over the Easter weekend. Other reviewers have complained about the parking and bad signage and no, nothing has's still bad. Wait to be insulted when they finally charge for parking as the ticket machines and barriers are already in place.
There's no "Pissazz" here and by that I mean the Vibe, having fun atmosphere casinos are supposed to have. Looks like a very large poorly decorated warehouse on the inside that they stuffed full of slot machines and table games. The piped in music more resembled "elevator" trash junk music than any sort of jamming or at the very least appropriate tunes for a casino. Heck, this place pales in comparison to some of the smaller casinos we've visited over the years. Absolutely no smiling faces here from either the patrons or the staff which seemed to be noticeably absent. No laughter, no-one having fun except the smiling faces on the local escort ladies (of which there were plenty)....they just stick out if you know what I mean; in the arm of older gents. Didn't try the food....we know better and as far as any drink service goes....non-existent. Good luck with that; maybe if you drop a grand or two they might come by. This is a non smoking casino and us criminals that do smoke are fine with that. There is a very large exterior outdoor smoking area overlooking the beltway and Reagan international Airport... if you feel the need for a nicotine rush but was disgusting and filthy. Looked like the area was exempt from cleaning. Ya, I know smoking is a nasty dirty habit, but there is no excuse for overflowing trash cans and cigarette disposal vessels. The bathrooms seem to be treated with the same lack of cleaning as the smoking area and almost half of the soap and water dispensers were not working. Wife said the Ladies bathroom was also disgusting.
Our alloted money of 1K for the trip was used up in about 2 basically that means that you're not going to get much "seat" time for your money as the slots are SUPER tight. Yeah, and good luck trying to find a table game with a low buy in.
We won't be going back as all in all it was a VERY disappointing experience.....heck I'd even say for us "seasoned" was insulting.

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