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(Updated: July 10, 2017)
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For a place that has had multiple security issues and shootings since opening, I was surprised by the current lackadaisical security and procedures. OUTSIDE SECURITY: No security noted around building. Situation: It was Friday night and I had a mild headache/migraine from working earlier in the day. My friend and I were informed by casino security that no stores were open in the casino to purchase aspirin. There was a convenience store across the street where we may purchase it. In order to get to the store, security said the shortest route was to leave the main casino entrance and walk around the building. We did not see any security guards around the building, and we were uncomfortably approached by a man of questionable character during our return trip. MISSING PERSONS: Security would not help find missing person in casino. Situation: I used the downstairs restroom after 2:00 am, noting this to my friend and leaving him at a machine nearby. When I came out, I could not locate him. I circled the restroom area for about ten minutes searching for him. My phone had died. I informed security of what happened. They appeared to care less. They did not ask if he had a players card they could track, they did not call their management, and they did not put a notice out to inform security to be on the lookout for him. I searched for him on my own continuing to press security. I later spoke with two security guards at the main entrance who saw us come in together. They noted they saw him with two larger gentleman and oddly referred to my friend as a shorter gentleman. He is about 5 7" like me. I informed the guards he did not know anyone in the area and it was his first time at a casino. I was quite concerned and upset at this point. They suggested I look upstairs for him. I went upstairs and located him with a group of people. He had went to upstairs security looking for me. He said upstairs security did not help him, so he decided to enlist the help of multiple patrons and create a search party. This party included two larger gentleman. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find him. We were separated for over an hour at that point. Sadly, all security had to do to resolve the situation was communicate with one another. For example, pick up the telephone downstairs and call security upstairs or vice versa. My dad is a professional gambler and my brother has worked with multiple casinos updating their security procedures in Vegas. Missing person procedures be security 101 for a casino. I am lucky I found him. Others may not be so lucky. On a side note, we want to MGM National Harbor after the incidents above and had a great time! 
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