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Yesterday I made the 1st and only visit that I will ever make to this casino. I will also never support any Illinois casino, after what I have learned today.

I have never been treated so poorly in my life. I play tourneys, or blackjack tables or poker rooms, 2-3 days per week, and am always looking for a new place to socialize and play.

I am a 35 year old married, woman, who owns a successful business. I took my 24 year old friend, married, mother of 4 with me for her very 1st time ever in a casino yesterday.

First off, there is NO SIGN to alert you to the fact that Valet Service has a Fee. The sign for the charge is only posted at the valet window where you go to pick up your vehicle. (REAL NICE).

Secondly, As we entered the casino 3 security officers asked my friend to produce her ID, which is to be expected, however, then made her wait in another separate line, because she was under 30 years old. Then scanned her driver's license before they decided she could even enter the casino floor. WHAT? Nice way to single someone out so they feel degraded right off the bat. (I later found out by reading news articles on the casino guide website today that Illinois runs everyone under 30's ID to check for warrants! Then has security hold these people until the police arrive to arrest them!) WOW! What a way to treat your customers. Thank God we are law abiding citizens, huh?

Thirdly, once we actually enterd the casino floor, it took all of about 2 minutes total before we left, never to return again!

As we entered the casino floor, we stopped to look up and admire the beautiful chandeliers, which reminded me of those inside the Golden Nugget in Vegas, a security guard immediately walked up and rudely said "keep moving."

We walked around the gaming table area, only 100 ft long by the way, and stopped once at a slot machine so that I could explain to my friend how the machines worked, paylines etcetera, since she has never played before, and still hasn't had the chance by the way.

Again, security started staring, so we completed the one circle we made around the floor searching for a small minimum blackjack table that I could teach my friend on. There were none.

Smallest min bet was $50 on up. (WHAT?) The last table before we got back to the start of the circle only had 2 players, and I thought the sign said $200 min/ $5000 max so I paused, told my friend I may play this one. I only stepped one step forward and was still a good 3 ft behind the players, as I leaned right and then left to see past a guy to read the min/max bet sign, and began to reach in my pocket to take out the $5000 I brought to play with.

Before I could even get the money out of my pocket, a young overzealous security guard pushed past my friend almost knocking her over to get to me.

He stepped up behind me and rudely said " You can't stand here, keep moving!" I turned in disbelief to look at him and he said again "You have to keep walking!" So..... We did just that and walked to the guest services office to complain as we walked out of the Grand Victoria Rotten Attitude for good!

Tell me- when did a customer reaching into their pocket to play a high stakes blackjack table that should have been in a private room to begin with, become a security problem? WOW!

If anything, the Grand Victoria is putting players like me at risk by even having a table like that on the main casino floor, but instead of realizing I was a player, they suspected ME.

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