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They have missed the boat!!!
(Updated: January 08, 2016)
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I live close and visit this casino often. More often to just test the waters. For several years it has been tight, but as of late the machines are DEAD. Do not go there to gamble because you will surely regret it. Not sour grapes but the truth. Years ago this casino knew how to give a little to make a little, you saw jack pots on occasion. Today there are only one or two floor people working so if you win they are as surprised as you will be. Rumor has it that they are to be bought out. This may explain why this casino is grabbing what they can while they can. The parking lot used to be full as well as the parking deck. Now they are lucky if they have 50 people playing any weekday. Now I'm not talking about penny games, I refer to $1-5 machines.
Their buffet is medium, good steak house, machines need maintenance (they stick). I have had many great days there but not for several years now. I used to see huge jack pots, now they get excited with $1200. Pitiful is all I can say.
My word to the wise is go to a nice dinner show, concert or night in the city but stay away from this money pit and remember my words.
Best of Luck from one who knows.
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