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Rigged slots at Seminole coc ck and hard rock
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My family and friends Have been going to these two Indian casinos for many years and We see what goes on and it’s not honest!!’ The machines are rigged. They pick and chose who wins and who loses. They plant their friends and family at certain machines and they walk away with jackpots playing .50 cents. These people know exactly where to sit and how much to play. The casino mangers or controllers turn on the slots where they are sitting and have the machine pay out. Big jackpots!!! They are all rigged. Very very dishonest. They are NOT REGULATED. SO THEY CAN BASICALLY DO WHAT THEY WANT. AND THEY DO!! Very unfair practice and it seems to be the general consensus of many other players there. We go to win not lose every time but I have been doing nothing but losing. These Indian casinos need to be closely scrutinized and observed as to what goes on. The gaming commission will see. It’s not hard to see how they operate. It’s bull and it’s Not fair!! Not honest at all!! They also plant people at certain slots and have them win big jackpots. I see the same players constantly winning. Constantly. Same winners for the drawings too. This is bull. Someone needs to take care of these cheats.
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July 18, 2018
Wow this review sounds like I wrote it! Although I did not! BUT I feel exactly the same and a lot of my friends refuse to ever go there again! Based on the dishonesty that goes on who would want to give this place their hard earned money? You go there to have fun. Not to lose. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Then you walk around and look at the machines and see $1000 jackpots on $1.00? Are you kidding me? The owners and managers all say it’s just luck and they say they can’t conttol the machines. BALONY. BULL!! Like you said! They are so unregulated and can basically do whatever they want. And THEY DO!!! And they get away with it too! So if you are not liked there or not one of their friend or family plan on losing!!! Big time! The slots are so tight that unless you are friends with one of the hosts or managers you will NEVER WIN. This casino is extremely predjudiced too. They hate Caucasian people. Why? Think about it! This is their chance to get even with us. It used to be a fun place to go to many years ago. They had lots of celebrations. They interacted with the players. Had Halloween, Christmas, NY eve and birthday parties. I miss those days. It made you want to go back there and you didn’t mind so much if you lost a little. Now that is all gone! Only thing they do is Fourth of July fireworks. I don’t even think they are doing the football anymore. Hardly any slot tournaments either. They have drawings but the drawings are TOTALLY FIXED. SAME WINNERS. They have ruined this place. It’s now a business and their loyal players are not coming back anymore. Like me! I am DONE! Will not put another penny in that casino. So good luck everyone. Word of advice. Bring LOTS OF CASH and PLAN ON LOSING. If you DO win take your money and bolt for the exit. Because it’s RARE!
Dee Giacalone
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