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Monarch Casino Black Hawk
Colorado 7040
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Was playing the newer DJ wild card game and had 3 different dealers who all had different explanations for certain payouts and how tos on winnings. When my hand got dealt and I got a straight natural queen high and the dealer had the same straight but with a wild as the queen. I was told that you do not win the bad beat. The dealer was about to pay it but then Brant the one pit boss declared it a loss. I had the vouching of another player behind us who had one off off a straight and got paid 500$ and the pit boss didn’t even look twice. But when we all started arguing and defending what I was told so I could get what I assumed would be a 100$ payout Brant became short and unprofessional and just spouted off about grabbing the ‘lead’ Ashley and she came over and was rude and extremely loud and had no intentions of explaining how we lost just that we did and she was super rude about how a push even takes my bad beat bet and just told the dealer to take it. Brant had stated when he arrived that unless a hand could lose you don’t win well the dealers hand could have been a weaker straight in that technicality. So I still would have won. Then after we got up to leave another lady comes over with a ‘rule’ book that’s barely held together and says ‘I just want to show you that we aren’t making it up’. That’s not the true reason for this horrible review. Your dealers do not all have 100% understandings of all games thus making the casino eligible to take money from guests without them even knowing how or why and when they explain it the pit bosses step in and act all loud and tough and don’t care. This a not the casino to go to. Avoid it at all costs.
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