Alabama only allows casinos to be operated on Native American reservations and those casinos are not allowed to have table games, only electronic gaming machines.

The Indian casinos in Alabama exclusively offer Class II video gaming machines. Class II video gaming machines are devices that look similar to slot machines, but in actuality these machines are bingo games and the spinning reels, are deemed for “entertainment purposes” only.

The minimum age to gamble at casinos in Alabama is 21 and all Alabama casinos are open 24 hours.

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Gambling Laws in Alabama

Under Alabama law tables games are not legal. This drives most of the gambling population to cross the Mississippi to a neighboring state where table games are available. In 1901 Alabama law defined gambling as “any game for financial gain that implies an element of chance.” For years Alabama has used this loose interpretation as a means to outlaw many popular gambling games. Interestingly enough though, racing dogs and horses are exempt from the definition, with the argument being that races are actually a game of skill and not chance.

Bingo and various raffle games are legal as they fall under charitable gaming laws through a very strict license that implies specific conditions be met. At this time however, no one in Alabama has been tried or charged for participating in any online gambling. Alabama also does hold a state lottery, nor do they participate in any national programs of a similar nature.

Options For Gambling in Alabama

Alabama’s ban on gambling dates as far back as the 19th century, where gambling was predominantly done on steamboats. Even today, years later, there has been little to no change to the existing legislative ban on gambling. Under Alabama state law playing in home games as well as social gambling settings can still be considered illegal, as can friendly bets in office pools. Alabama gambling laws have some of the harshest penalties. Simple gambling is a misdemeanor that could get you up to three months in jail, and a $500 fine for each infraction. In Alabama even having a device for gambling is a felony. If convicted, you would lose your voting and gun ownership rights and be liable to pay $15,000 in fines.

Gambling venues within Alabama often include restaurants with buffets, as well as live entertainment. Some places offer resort-style amenities as well as areas to allow for sports betting alongside betting on dog and horse races.

There are two casinos within 15 miles of Albama’s capital city of Montgomery: Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka & Wind Creek Casino Montgomery. There are no casinos located within Birmingham, Alabama. Nor, are there casinos located in Mobile, Alabama. The closest casino would be Wind Creek Casino Atmore which is approximately, 50 miles northeast of downtown Mobile.

Slot Machine Payback Percentages at Alabama Indian Casinos

According to the latest edition of the American Casino Guide book, no public information is available regarding what slot machines pay back to the public in Alabama. Unlike the casinos in Alabama, in many states the slot machine payback statistics for that particular state’s casinos are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for casinos in all U.S. states.

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Alabama is a southern state filled with many attractions suitable for tourists seeking eventful vacation as well as lots of opportunities where you can just sit back and relax. The state has a rich cultural heritage and history and is home to many landmarks of the American Civil Rights Movement, as well as natural attractions like mesmerizing sandy beaches, state parks, and nature reserves that you will surely love.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

This museum is located in Huntsville and it is a great place for tourists that love space travel history or science. The center features the US space program and several exhibits that you can visit. It is regarded to be the largest space Museum on the earth and it is filled with artifacts that are associated with space exploration. You should make sure not to miss exhibits on the Space Shuttle program, Apollo program, and Army aircraft and rocketry.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

The USS Alabama is a retired World War ll-era battleship docket at Memorial Park in Mobile and can be found along the waterfront. This is a great place to go if you love history and the military. The Memorial includes a number of ships and submarine that were used during the Second World War. A tour of the Alabama includes access to many parts of the ship including the mess hall, captain’s cabin, turrets, and bridge. You are also going to see numerous aircraft here like an A-12 Black Bird spy plane, B-52 bomber and military equipment like weapons and tanks.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel – Atmore.

Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham zoo covers about 122 acres of land, and attracts over 470,000 tourists every year. The zoo dates to 1955 when a few exotic animals were kept at a firehouse. It now houses over 200 species and 800 individual animals. Some of the best exhibits are the  primate building, Flamingo Lagoon, predator building, Kangaroo Kontry, sea lions splash show, and an alligator swamp. If you are lucky to come here during spring and summer, you can also try out camel rides.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House Museum

This house was constructed in 1939 by Frank Lloyd Wright for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum in Florence, Alabama.  It is constructed with brick, cypress, and glass and displays some of the original Wright designed furniture. You will be mesmerized by the design of this home which has a Usonian design and features a multi-level roof, plus board and batten walls. The Rosenbaums owned the house till 1999 when it was bought and restored by the City of Florence.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

Botanical Gardens

This garden can be found close to the US Space and Rocket Center and it attracts about 208,000 tourists annually. The garden is open year-round but you will have to pay a fee before you can enter the gardens. Features include a biblical garden, day lily garden, butterfly house, nature garden, fern glade, nature trail, and herb garden. The best way to explore the garden is by strolling around the garden while enjoying the scenery.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

This museum houses a large permanent collection that focuses on American art. Some of the top works you can see here include watercolors, engravings, etchings, woodcuts, drawings, etc. At the museum, you will find artworks from prominent American artists like Winslow Homer and John Marin, you will also find extensive exhibit dedicated to regional art and folk artists, you are also going to find African art collections here. Admission to the museum is free. It is family-friendly and hosts educational programs for both children and adults.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery

Point Mallard Park

This is a public park located in Decatur. It covers 500 acres of land and is a year-round tourist destination. The park is adjacent to the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge which you should also try to visit while in the state. The park includes the Blackburn Aquatic Center which is open seasonally and includes one of the first wave pools built in the United States. The waterpark is filled with numerous attractions  like the diving pool, Pro Bowl, Sky Pond, varieties of large slides, duck pond, three flume slides, and so on. The park is also family-friendly as there are varieties of children’s activity area including: playgrounds, an indoor ice-skating rink, a sand beach, and concessions.

The closest casino and casino with a hotel to this attraction is Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

What is the gambling age in Alabama?

In Alabama, the minimum gambling age is 21.

How many casinos are in Alabama?

There are currently 3 casinos located in Alabama. • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Atmore • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.