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We just came into Hot Springs for the weekend and decided to visit Oaklawn Casino Friday 03/19/21 arriving between the hours of 11:15m-11:30pm. Now mind you there is a pandemic, and just outside the entry doors there are large signs clearly stating "No mask, no i.d., no entrance". We had our masks on and were immediately denied entry to the casino by a Caucasian security representative, who instead of asking for our ID'S, screamed and demanded that we lower our masks. The reaction we had was of surprise at the sudden aggressive and hostile demeanor of the security rep. When I inquired what was what was the purpose of his request, he then continued to scream at me "SO, I CAN SEE YOUR FACE!!!". I lowered my mask and made a comment that there wasn't any need for the hostility and we entered the casino.
Mind you we were excited to be visiting the casino but the initial abrupt hostility left me a aggravated at the unnecessary hostility and it quickly changed my mind about patronizing this establishment. The African-American with the braids, male security guard who was also present did nothing to assist or to temper the unprofessional, rude, hostile, power tripping casino employee.
We complained to casino security supervisors on duty expressing what had just happen to us and informing them that their choice of initial public impressions were a liability to their organization. They vowed to speak to the security doorman but it was very apparent that did nothing as they were laughing at us as we left the casino.
After looking at other reviews regarding similiar interactions with this casinos security it appears this is their normal modus operandi. Beautiful casino just unfortunate that it allows employees to treat their guests so poorly.
We will never attempt to visit this establishment again.
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