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(Updated: October 13, 2017)
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We have been waiting and hoping for a casino to open on the west side of the Valley for a while. Well, we finally got it. What a disappointment. It is all class 2 machines(bingo)that are tighter than a frogs..... I used to go quite a bit but figured if I am just gonna give my money away, I could find someone better to give it too. Cant remember the last time I got to play on their money. They yanked all the keno machines. I guess they were too popular as there was always a wait to get on them. Like half of the machines will not accept the payout tickets, so you have to pull out more cash. If your machine malfunctions or tilts, you will wish you had a novel to read while you grow old waiting for a tech to show up. Its not that there is a shortage of people on the floor, it's just that their top priority is going around trying to find machines where people may have left a few cents in, and cashing that out before some customer sits at that machine. Heaven forbid!! Players club sucks.I was probably dumping 2k a month in this place and five dollars in a food coupon every two weeks is what they consider to be comps. Almost six bucks for a bottle of domestic beer. Seriously, you're better off takin a drive to the east side and going to a real casino!
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