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Mohican North Star Casino - My Personal Favorite
(Updated: October 27, 2013)
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Many people who read this review may disagree with my comments here. Some may even go as far as saying, "Are you out of your mind?" Regardless of what others think, I feel compelled to comment on my favorite casino, namely Mohican North Star Casino.

I think the slots at Mohican North Star Casino are reasonable in payout. The key is to remember that the machines seem "tight" because they, like those in many casinos today, are "geared" toward the very large, infrequent jackpot hit. Your results may vary greatly from trip to trip. With this in mind, I find it best to prepare a personal budget at home, and to STICK TO IT when I gamble. This helps me gamble responsibly, while making sure my financial obligations are all resolved. I have won 3 jackpots so far this year in 2013 ($2,700, $2,250, and $1,200). I think you need to stay on a machine quite a while (1.5 to 3 hours per machine) to give it the best chance to pay that big, infrequent hit. Too many people expect an instant hit, and are disappointed when that hit doesn't happen right away.

I gave the lowest ratings to the Customer Service and Food and Drink categories. My biggest concerns here are with the beverage service on the floor. At times, this service is excellent! Often, however, the beverage service people come around infrequently, if at all. The reason I don't rate this area lower than 3 stars is that I can ask any employee to see if I can get beverage service to me, and they always seem to send someone over right away. I think they need to staff this area more consistently to better serve the customers.

I don't play table sames, so I did not rate Mohican North Star Casino in this area. I chose to give all other categories 4-star ratings. The players club is generally well-staffed. Sometimes, the lines are long because so many people are waiting in line. However, the line seems to move rather quickly when this happens. The matchplay system seems to be a "work in progress" with the new management there, but I am thankful for what I get in mail coupons. The hotel seems nice, but I have never stayed there since I live less than an hour away (Wausau, WI). The gaming atmosphere seems fine, but the air conditioning system works too well at times in the summer. At times during hot weather, I have worn shorts and sandals to the casino, and if I play in the wrong areas, I end up with frozen legs and frozen feet!

The thing I like best about Mohican North Star Casino is the great variety of slots they offer. I am a borderline Ruby/Pearl players card member, and I typically play $1 slot machines, with some $5 machines played when my luck is good, and I can afford to do it. At this time, the "triple double" and Crystal Sevens machines are some of my personal favorites, and seem to pay well over time for me. I prefer larger casinos with larger variety of slots over smaller casinos with little slot variety.

I find it best to take $400 with me to the casino for every dollar played per spin. That means you need at least $800 to $1,200 to play dollars at maximum credit value, and at least $2,000 to play a $5 machine at 1 credit per spin. This "stretegy" has worked well for me lately.

I wish you the best when you gamble at Mohican North Star Casino. Have fun, gamble responsibly, and BEST OF LUCK!

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December 16, 2016
Thank you for this really informative and detailed review. I like the place for its variety of machines and the sports bar's food. The Stay and Play packages are really a good deal. Cannot say that this is a winning casino for me, but perhaps I will take your advice and stay on one machine a little longer, and play the $1 instead of those pennies.

Good observation that casinos are geared to pay little on so many machines in order to pay out one huge win. I honestly did see a guy at this place win over $9,000 on a 38 cent bet!! 38 cents! Sigh....why not me? LOL
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