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Horrible. They are going one by one through and lifting payout percentage and changing the chips in the machines. Some machines they are reprogramming to take away the bonus features. Some machines you can put in $1550. At $6.25 literally no payback and absolutely no bonus. If you play $10 machines there is no separation from rest of casino. Previously there was a wall. I have had older individuals literally stand over me to monitor how much I put in. I have called security to make them move on. They literally hover. Guess how many thousand you put in and as soon as you walk away they are there like vultures to pick up where you left off. The tribe is horrible. They have ruined the Nekoosa school district to the point that most traditional families drive their kids to Rapids or pay for private school. HO Chunk has gotten so greedy to support Wis Dells and Wittenberg but nothing here. The only upgrade is half done carpeting in 5 years. They have announced a hotel several times and never did it. The payouts are so horrible the best they offer now is VIP parking for those who play to make up for further reducing the payouts. Free play is a joke. Instead of weekly free play like everyone else it’s now every 8 days. Instead of 52 weeks it’s now 50. Always finding ways to screw everyone over. 
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