Each week we host a video poker challenge/contest which is FREE to enter and you can win a great prize, such as a $50 Amazon gift card, or a one-year Pro membership to videopoker.com, valued at $100!

This Week’s Challenge – Enter Now – Ends 7/3/22

Look for event #456182, posted by thecasinoguys, for 100 hands of Hundred Play with Super Times Pay. You must enter and complete all 100 hands by midnight on 7/3/22. The prize is a $50 Amazon gift card. Good luck! 

Last Week’s Challenge Result!

Event #4545528, which ended 6/26/22, was won by OnePyroTec. The winning score was 19,525 and the prize was a one-year Pro Membership to videopoker.com. The winner should email us at info@americancasinoguidebook.com so we can verify your information and arrange to send your prize to you. As stated in the rules, you must contact us by midnight on Sunday, July 3, or your prize will be forfeited. 


Here’s how to get your FREE entry!

1 – All contests/challenges are hosted at videopoker.com which is a non-gambling website that allows you to play many of the best and most popular video poker games, such as 3-play, 5-play, 10-play 50-play, 100-play, Ultimate X, Super Times Pay, Spin Poker and more. These are the same great games that you will find in real casinos that you visit. And, you can always play for FREE.

2 – We create a new challenge/contest each week. It begins at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Monday and ends on the following Sunday night at midnight Pacific time. 

3 – You must be a member of videopoker.com to participate in the challenge and membership is FREE. To create your account, go to videopoker.com/acg When creating your account on that page, you will also get a FREE 14-day Gold membership which will provide you with FREE video poker training to teach you how to become a better player. Also, you will not be required to enter any credit card information. Once your 14-day membership expires you can convert it to a a paid membership, or it will automatically downgrade to a basic FREE account. Please note that by referring you to this site we may earn an affiliate commission to help support our site.

4 – Once your account is created, go to the home page and at the top of the screen, go to the “Play” tab, which is the first section on the top left side. Then, scroll down to the “Player Challenges” section.

Then, go to the “Accept a Challenge” section. Once there, look for the Challenge that is offered by “thecasinoguys” which is our player name on that website. Then, click the “Play Now” button to start your FREE video poker challenge/contest.

5 – You can only enter our challenge once each week and you must complete all 100 hands in order to be eligible to win the prize. You don’t have to complete all 100 hands at one time. You can play as many as you want and continue to come back until all 100 hands are completed. 

6 – Once you have completed all of your hands, just return to the “challenge” section the following week, Monday or later, and look in the “Recent Results” section to see if you were the winner of the challenge/contest.

7 – If you are the winner, please send an email to info@americancasinoguidebook.com with the subject “I won your contest”, or something similar.  Be sure to include your user name from videopoker.com, along with the email address associated with that account. We will then verify that your information is correct and we will send the prize to that email address within 72 hours.

8 – If you do not notify us of your win by the close of the following week’s contest at midnight on the following Sunday, then your prize will be forfeited and your entry will be disqualified.

9 – americancasinoguidebook.com reserves the right to change the rules of their challenges/contests at any time.

10 – In the event of any disputes regarding challenge/contest procedures or processes, the decision of americancasinoguidebook.com will be final.

11 – Good luck and have fun!


6/12/22 Result!

Event #454132, ending 6/12/22, was won by Alicia2828 and the winning score was 26,005. Alicia2828, please email us at info@americancasinoguidebook.com so we can arrange to send your prize to you. As stated in the rules, you must contact us by midnight on Sunday, June 19, or your prize will be forfeited. 

6/19/22 Result!

Event #454856, which ended 6/19/22, was won by Jwk81 and the winning score was 40,309. Jwk81, please email us at info@americancasinoguidebook.com so we can arrange to send your prize to you. As stated in the rules, you must contact us by midnight on Sunday, June 26, or your prize will be forfeited.