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One to the worse casinos I play at.
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Let start off by saying my wife and I visit this place way to often and lose way to much money. Here's what we don't like, first off all of WV casinos use the VLT system to determine the slot payouts, that's equivalent to buying scratch off tickets. None of the machine use an RNG and all hits are predetermined. Now for the hidden stuff their weekly drawings advertise say 10 winners each hour on Saturdays nights. Well that really isn't true they draw 10 name electronically but if you aren't there they do not redraw for those unclaimed spots so they really don't have 10 winners unless everyone is there. Then there is the fact that when you cash a TITO at one of the cash machines you do not get your coins unless you cash your ticket at the cashiers cage, you get a TITO instead of the coins, that's very cheap way to make sure they get every cent out of you that they can. As I stated we go there way to often but you get your rewards from the points you earn, if you happen to leave your machine and remove your players card when you need to play the remainder of the $5 a point to earn a point (example I play $3.25 of the $5 needed to earn a point the point count it starts over again at $5 when you insert your card to play another machine). To most people that really wouldn't matter but when you need a lot of points to earn your rewards because you are a regular it matters. Also the place is run down and during the week cleaning people are far and few working so it gets pretty dirty with cups bottles and ashtrays. This is the best casino we have to play at so that is the only reason we go there. Mountaineer is closer but is is a bigger chit hole than Wheeling Island. Slot payouts are so so we've played where they are tighter.
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