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Loose Slots
(Updated: September 19, 2011)
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The slots here are quite generous, in my opinion. I think that anyone that complains that the slots are tight are simply, "Jackpot or bust," players that really have no business complaining. Generally, the slots here will let you double up or get to 150% pretty easily, so you just ticket out and put the original amount wagered back in and pocket the rest.

I have been to this casino six times in the last month and here's how it has gone:

1.) +$170
2.) +$500
3.) +$170
4.) -$10
5.) +$1,250 (Jackpot)
6.) -$20

I understand that these results are not typical, but even in experiences prior to that I have noticed that you can limit your losses and walk out anywhere from $50-$100 ahead pretty easy just by playing intelligently.

I don't play table games much, but have noticed that Let it Ride is almost never going on.

Customer Service here is nice, and everyone is very attentive. The waitresses come around for drinks orders every ten minutes or so.

I know nothing of the player's club. I have no interest in my wins/losses being tracked, so I'll just give it three stars.

The atmosphere is fine.

I know nothing of the hotel there.

The buffet is quite good, and all of the bartenders make good drinks.
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