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rigged!!! all rigged!
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It's obvious the little guys up in the control room watch and turn on and off each machine at will!! I never win any more! soon as i sit at a machine.....I see the quick flicker........then nothing! Its a fact the little man up stairs can turn off a machine within 20 seconds! This rigged shit hole picks their winners! Im sick of the same people always winning! I wont be back! More important, I will encourage every one i know, DO NOT ENTER THE "RED NECK........I mean Red Wind Casino!! By the way If you hit their cash machine, You will be followed electronically , then they will turn off machines where ever you sit!! 
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November 09, 2018
I know exactly how you feel, Bill. This casino IS a "rigged shit hole"!!! They are full of scams and select all their winners on slot machines, drawings, promotions, table games, and keno....smh. The cool thing about gambling is actually having a chance to win against the odds! It is unfair and down right," low-down dirty" to cheat a casino guest out of all possible odds / ways of winning by programming all games so the house never loses and that the casino picks who wins where and how! Gamblers don't have to learn any of the games at RedWind because the house will decide whether they want you to win at a game or not! I have given up enough of my Money, Time and Nerves at the RedWind Casino. This place can kiss my Black Ass for having indulge such a horrible, mind-fucking operation as this. Gaming is supposed to be fun and exciting! Not miserable and belittling like it is here. Their casino gives a very bad name to gaming and I hope their "walls of opportunity" soon crumble from their greed! And once you've lost something close to a small fortune in this awful place, then they hope you ban yourself away from it's premises so that they can blame your loses on an artificial "gambling addiction" when all you did, like everybody else, was try to break somewhat even from their rigged programs. They hope to that you lose big and ban yourself from their casino so that you can't warn other casino guest when they are unaware that their losing streak is already predetermined. Want a Great Time out gaming /gambling? Go some place else, NOT the RedWind Casino. It's just another Indian owned, "money donation station" decoyed as a casino. This place SUCKS!
Marcus Davis
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