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Could there be more wrong at the Red Wind?
(Updated: January 27, 2013)
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Smoke is thick, even after spending $$$$$$$ so much that I get $500 a month in "rewards" but have yet to ever win a jackpot and after spending over $1400 the "windfall" bonus I received?$30. Dance floor is smaller than my kitchen, after a drunk in the bar hassled by girlfriend, followed us around the casino, had his friend call us names, and shoved the 78 year old man that was with us, WE were asked to leave. Because I forced security to do something about it.

I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars every month at a Casino, never win, not be able to eat the gross food they serve, and get treated like I'm causing a problem because being called names and dealing with aggressive punks (drunk kid shoved a 78 year old man) and I complained, makes me an unreasonable "woman" and a problem for their ineffective and rude security, then I guess I'm just not the customer they want.

Never going back. As a woman, I don't expect to be called names because I don't want to drink and sit with a drunk I don't know and have the security manager treat me like I'm a jerk, not for me. I'm not watching some jerk shove an old man and call people names, didn't realize Red Wind was Indian for Ghetto.
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