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At 5:55 Thanksgiving Day When my spouse and I arrived at the casino we stood in line to get our players card the middle of receiving my players card she puts a sign up and stop and says she can’t help anybody else and didn’t help us both ...So we went to the second line there were 4 people ahead of us get this ..this is our second line ..while were standing at the back of the line and when we get up there..The other lady closes her window on us and says that she can’t help us we think they’re being racist towards my spouse because she’s Asian. So we left without a second players card then we walked around the casino and finally sit down not a single cocktail waitress walked by ..I had to go to the bar twice just to get a beer. We see a lot of staff members talking and bullshitting while not really doing their job ..most are overweight and don’t look very motivated it was actually kind of annoying when I’m sitting there playing on a machine..And watching them there hovering around you and just standing around. They should hire somebody from Vegas or one of the casinos and around Tacoma Seattle area they could train their staff properly. I think overall our ratings are 0 it was the worst experience that we’ve had in all Casinos that we ‘ve been to..I hope you can get your staff train better and hire more presentable and better costumer service ..
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