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Hell and horror at the Quinault
(Updated: May 20, 2015)
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Words cannot express my horror at the ordeal me and my family just endured at the hands of Quinault Beach Resort and Casino staff. I just witnessed the staff berate and disparage a family member who is a disabled Veteran.

To summarize what could be a very lengthy report, we came to Quinault to celebrate the disabled family member's 60th birthday. (Referred to as Jane here on out for the sake of this review). We were having a great time gambling and eating at the restaurants here, and were taking part in their points contest. We partook in gambling for a better portion of the day to get entry tickets for this contest.

So Jane was going to put the entry tickets into the barrel they draw from, when an employee who was manning the barrel, turned and swung his arm while stepping back in an clumsy attempt to stop her from putting in the tickets. A simple "NO" would have sufficed! Now while I don't think it was malicious, more like bad judgement on his part, he did hit her with enough force to cause her swelling and pain on her neck and face. His arm had swung and struck her neck, face and arm. She immediately complained to me about whiplash pain in her neck from this. I was very concerned and had her walk away from the crowd around the barrel so she could catch her breath.

When it seemed she was stable, I went up to the employee and asked him what he did that for, a simple "NO" would have been sufficient. He acted very defensive and tried to downplay it. I repeatedly asked for his manager to which he finally said was Gloria Miranda. The security guard who was there had to butt in of course and was defensive as well. What ever happened to "are you okay?" Don't they care about their customers?

When we went to go ask for Gloria in the lobby area, she came out quickly and listened to what had happened and our concerns. Jane is a disabled veteran and has medical issues which make this type of incident of concern. Jane swelling was evident and Gloria took pictures of it, took our information, and said she would be contacting us shortly.

Relieved that we were dealing with someone with a heart, we relaxed a little. She then brought over the employee that had hit Jane and had him give an apology for hitting her and his handling of the situation. He seemed sincerely apologetic and we were glad he at least realized he had hurt Jane and was wrong to handle the situation the way he did. We even shook hands.

Gloria then asked us to have a seat and she would be getting someone to talk to us. We sat and waited in the slot machine area near the where they draw the tickets for the contest.

And this is where it gets bad. Real bad.

A floor casino manager came after a bit and chatted with us about the incident. We asked her for a business card and she said she would get one for us. She had the head security guard come with a notebook of papers. In a stern manner he asked Jane to sign, saying she was not asking for medical attention. I asked to look at it with her, and we noticed the majority of the form was blank. Knowing it's a bad idea to sign a blank form, we politely asked him to fill out the blank areas. He said OK, and didn't make a big fuss of it (he was nice enough, seemed like he was just following his boss's orders). He goes back to his office, comes back with a filled out form. We take the form to fill out and asked him for a copy of it once we sign. He says this is an issue and he will have to ask his superior first; he says the superior is at home, he will have to call him and come right back.

So note carefully, that the casino has asked us to sign a blank form, which was a waiver of liability according to one of the pages. Again, we did not have any issue signing paperwork for the casino if it's part of their "protocol" as the head casino manager stated.

After again waiting at least another 10 minutes (this whole ordeal took around an hour), the casino floor manager comes with a few employees, and a very large man with glasses, he gives us his business card which identifies him as Dana Summers, of the Quinault Tribal Gaming Commission. He doesn't introduce himself formally, greet us or ask to sit and talk with us. Instead, he stands very close to Jane and starts speaking in an hostile, abrasive manner. Note at this point we are tired, Jane is still feeling pain from what happened and we are eagerly awaiting the slot points tournament which is drawn from the barrel every 30 minutes.

He claims he had just reviewed the videotape of the incident from the casino camera and that he did not see the employee touch Jane, only making a gesture to close the barrel. Knowing he is lying since I saw it with my own eyes, I immediately become alarmed. There was no question Jane had been struck; the employee had already apologized to us for it, and we were satisfied with his apology.

But, apparently thug Dana Summers has other plans. Quinault Tribal Gaming Commission employee Dana Summers, came over to verbally accost and intimidate us. He had no interest in how the customers were, and he certainly did not care for the truth. He then proceeded to lie and said the employee never touched her, a bold-faced lie which flies in contrary to the employees own statements, and the swelling on her neck, not to mention what I saw with my own two eyes, only feet away from her.

Do you think we're stupid?
Do you think you can lie to my face about what just happened? If you think you can, you are sadly mistaken.

Dana Summers apparently thinks he can lie to people's faces and get away with it, as well as bully and intimidate people. You can rest assured I will be contacting his superiors to complain about his strong arm tactics and outright LIES. It should be noted that Quinault Tribal Gaming Commission is NOT a state or federal agency. In this instance, Dana acted like a defense attorney for the Casino, rather than fulfilling his duties (forget acting like a decent human being, he can't even get that part down).

Seeing I am dealing with a liar, I ask to review the video that Dana claimed to have just looked at and not seen anything, and of course he refuses. It was obvious he had only come to verbally berate us and was spewing outright lies, so I took out my phone to videotape the now hostile situation. At this point me and my family were sitting and had at least 6 casino staff standing around us. You can only imagine how unsafe my disabled family member felt at this point.

Next thing Dana Summers asks me if I am videoing with my phone to which I say I am (I am NOT going to let him talk in a deploring and hostile manner to my family, let alone lie about what had happened to Jane). He immediately demands I leave the casino while intimidatingly hovering over Jane. In shock, I look at the Casino Manager (name will be added when known, she would not give us her business card even though she said she would get it), and asked her if she was approving of this thuggery. Her answer? "Leave my floor."

No problem. You want to intimidate, berate, and treat your customers like trash and use thugs like Dana Summers to LIE ABOUT MATERIAL FACTS, go ahead. Your employee hit her accidentally, and you want US to leave?! Are you crazy?!

The worst part is we were celebrating Jane's 60th birthday at this resort, and because we were asked to leave by these thugs we missed the rest of the drawings! We had gambled amply that day and had many tickets we had entered into the drawing. In Vegas, casinos welcome big gamblers. Apparently at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, they throw you out and disenfranchise you!

So, who is this creep Dana Summers, of this official sounding Quinault Tribal Gaming Commission (QTGC)? Short answer is they basically are private party put in place by the Casino itself to oversea their own interests. From their own website:

"TGA (QTGC) strives to assist Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in meeting their mission to enhance the economic, health and social well being of the Nation, its members, employees and surrounding communities." - http://quinaulttga.org/Dept_Overview.html

If you can read in between the lines, their interests ARE the casino's interests. They are one in the same. Very shocking, very confusing. HUGE conflict of interest here.

Dana Summers was very deceptive in his capacity. It's very easy to see how someone can be tricked into thinking he is part of a state or federal agency or commission, and that he uses this deception to his advantage to bully and lie to the public.

To think that most employees at this casino were so friendly and helpful, especially Gloria Miranda, and then thugs like the casino floor manager and Dana Summers come and abuse customers and ruin the name of this establishment. Not only will they lose my family's business, I will now make sure EVERYONE knows what they did to my disabled family member.

And we WILL be filing complaints with the appropriate parties.

Thank you Quinault Beach Resort and Casino for ruining a 60th birthday for a vet, you are truly terrible and bring shame to yourselves through this injustice.
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August 24, 2015
Good Grief. The reviews are for assessing the PLACE. Not one joker's bad attitude or your personal difficulties. This casino is like every other WA casino. Some of the staff are inexperienced and some are passing through. Get a GRIP!
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