Quinault Beach Resort and Casino

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Slots are better than Vegas, I could take or leave
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I've had tremendous luck on the slots in this casino. Very few times have I walked out with less money than I've walked in. Usually I score a few hundred and have won as much as $3200. They rotate their games a lot which is cool because you get to try new ones frequently, but some of my favorite ones have been cycled out, which is kind of a pisser. Also, the 3-wheel $1 machine has been reduced to $.25 which blows (less money in usually means less money out).

I can't speak on the hotel service, players club, or the restaurant because I've never stayed there (no point, I live in Ocean Shores), I've never eaten there, and I don't normally have the patience to wait in line for a players club card. I will say the drink prices are reasonable, but the bar doesn't pour very gratuitously. The place is excessively smokey (and I say this as a smoker), and so help me god, the next time I have to hear about how I can't play some machine because "they're holding it for their friend who is getting lunch", I'm going to knock them out of the chair.

This may be the only casino in the world where the slots have better odds than the craps table and with stupid rules to boot. The craps table has a ridiculous "no set" (dice) rule. For god's sake, your a friggin casino, entertain my superstitions, and shut up. I asked them why this is so, if the dice have to cross the table and hit the opposing wall anyway. They said, "it slows down the game", I replied, "but I'm the only one playing". They responded, "rule are rules, sorry". I said "ditch this bs" and went back to the slots.
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