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We spent two days at the resort. Played the slots for 2 days and they never payed. We lost more quickly than we'd ever win.

The player's club was never explained to us and the desk people never explained the rules for drawings. No brochures outlining how to use the card.

Can't use the workout facilities until the spa opens (after 9 am). Can't use the sauna or steam room without paying $15 for the day and after the spa is open. When I did use the sauna and steam room it hadn't been on so I used it while it was still warming up. That was a real bummer since I was limited on time. The steam room smelled awful. Suggested they use eucalyptus. They told me they do, but were out of the "spray".

After the sauna, used the shower and they were out of shampoo. Told them they were out. Went back to the sauna later that evening since I payed for the day and they were still out of shampoo.

Was told that I could put charges on my hotel bill, but couldn't put spa services on it. No laundry facility. The room phone was deprogrammed so had to call for room service, spa services, etc, through the hotel operator. It was a pain since the "room book" didn't have extensions for these services.

I don't expect a whole lot, but at $150 for each night, the little things were frustrating. The resort is beautiful, the rooms are nice. Beds are comfortable and housekeeping was good.

A lot of the floor workers in the casino are cranky when asked questions. And, if you aren't buying drinks, they take their time in getting water, coffee, etc... if they ever come back. It would be an awesome place if they took just a little more care in the customer service department.


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