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(Updated: November 06, 2012)
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Last week my wife was notified that she had been awarded 2 free tickets and free on-site parking to the Seattle Seahawks vs. The Minnesota Vikings. She drove up to the small casino and picked up her instruction sheet and a parking pass. We were thankful and excited and expressed our gratitude when we picked everything up, that Tuesday evening.
On Thursday afternoon we received a phone call asking if we had accidentally been given an extra parking pass. When we double checked we found 2 parking passes stuck together and stapled to the instruction sheet. A that time we looked closely at the instruction sheet and found that it was for another event entirely. We told the woman calling that we did have an extra parking pass, at which point she firmly demanded we return the extra pass. My wife said she would try her best, but that wasn’t enough. The same woman called again, and ordered my wife to return the pass immediately or they would have her name removed from the players award list and would never be allowed to participate again. My wife is a tiny gentle woman under 5 feet tall, she was trying her best to make arrangements for my son to be watched while she went up to the casino, but it wasn’t enough. They had to threaten her! So, the casino got their parking pass, at no small effort on our part, and everything was good…almost.
On the Friday before the game my wife got sick and I thought I should cover ourselves and call the promotion person to see what our options were if she could not attend. I specifically asked if I could bring my eleven year old son, a big Seahawks Fan. I was assured it would not be a problem and told to enjoy the game. Driving from Everett it’s never easy to get around the traffic to attend a football game; nonetheless we made it and got parked. From that point it seemed to be simply follow, the directions and grab a seat at the Suite. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Less than 60 seconds from the moment we sat down a woman came to my son and I, pointed a finger at my boy and said “I’m sorry, you can’t be in here, and you have to leave.” I was stunned! After everything we had been through over the parking passes, now my son and I were being ejected. I asked her on what grounds we were being thrown out, and I was informed it was against the law for someone under 21 to attend in the Suite. I was speechless. She repeated her demand that we leave immediately, and when I asked if there were any options I was told simply to leave. That’s it, get out!
My eleven year old son was soon in tears because it was his fault we had to leave. When I asked for the woman’s name she began to stutter and said she was only an employee, only doing her job. At this point another woman walked up to me, stuck out her hand smiling and said “My name is Valery, and I’m her boss!” I asked if there was anything she could do and she repeated that we had to leave now. I obliged her and we left, my son apologizing to me through his tears for what happened and sorry we had to leave because it was his fault.
This group is beyond shameless. They are nothing more than gangsters operating outside U.S. laws, draining hundreds of millions of dollars from our communities, and to top it off, vicious and heartless. I have never been treated like this by a business, and I will never let it happen again with Tulalip, or QCC. I am not much of a gambler, but I promise you one thing, I will never leave a nickel at one of their locations. If I had the time and money I would see this in a court of law for what they did to my son!
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January 08, 2013
Yu should have went to guest services, they would've hooked you up with seats. Century link is very accommodating when it comes to that. And shame on occ, what jerks
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