Looking for a cool place to chill out this week? Perhaps make some money in the process and also enjoy the best of entertainment while at it? Well then, set your sights on the award-winning Turning Stone Resort Casino!

This amazing place has all it takes to make your stay in New York a memorable one. And at 122,000 square feet, this casino is as large as they come. There are excellent restaurants too-10 of them. To be precise, and each offers a new kind of experience! And you can’t help but be excited at all the exquisite hotel rooms and suites awaiting you. Are you curious to know more? We are! So, let’s find out what else the Turning Stone Resort Casino offers you.

  • Casino

The casino is one of the best in New York, loaded with well over 2000 slot machines. Much like the restaurants, each of these slot machines is a new experience. Perhaps the tabletop games endear themselves to you more? Simply make a choice from your favorite table games and have as much fun as you want. Bingo is a favorite of many a gambler too, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. The poker room is something else you should check out, and let’s not forget about the various online casino games you could play. The Turning Stone Resort Casino offers all these and more, just for you.


  • Accommodation

Ahh, yes, the accommodation; where do we even begin? The Hotel? The Tower? The Lodge? How about the Inn or the Villages RV Park? The accommodations provided by the casino is as great as you could hope for. The hotel is located at the heart of the Turning Stone Resort Casino. It has over 260 rooms, including about 28 suits, hot tub rooms, patio rooms, and more.

The elegant tower is all about luxury and class. It’s also a 100% non-smoking zone, so families should find this place quite pleasant too. The lodge is an all-suite hotel specifically designed to spoil through and through. Last of all are the inns and RV park, which are both filled with several exciting packages you really shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Dining and Entertainment

The Turning Stone Resort Casino gives dining a whole new meaning Matter of fact, it’s very possible you’ll be undecided when it comes to which of the 10 restaurants you can pick from. The options available to you are all great: The TS steakhouse, Wildflowers, Pino Bianco, Peach Blossom, Tin Rooster, Emerald, Delta Café, Opal, etc. Each of these restaurants offers unique dining services. You can also take advantage of the in-room dining services offered by the resort.

The entertainment you get at the Turning Stone Resort Casino is all but magical, and we mean that. The 5000-seat concert arena, the intimate 700-seat showroom, the VIP loge boxes-which gives you a clear view of the event center-and the boxing venue were all built for utter entertainment.

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