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(Updated: September 08, 2016)
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I have been to this casino 4 or 5 times, as many know, it's the only casino in South Texas. I live in San Antonio so a good 2 and a half hour drive. 
I made a reservation on a Wednesday night around 6:15pm but had an emergency and was not going to make it. So, around 8:15pm I called to change my reservation for the next day, I figured it was not going to be a big deal since both the hotel and casino are not really busy on Wednesdays. 
Well, a very rude person, yelling at me on the phone told me that if I wanted to change my reservation there was a $50 fee, eventhough my room was only $25 for the night. I had received a hotel room offer in the mail for $25 per night. 
I tried to explain my situation to the lady on the phone but she would not let me say a whole sentence without interrupting and yelling at me. 
She said they that if I don't show up they would charge me $169, to what I said: the room price I have is only $25, how come? That's ridiculous, to what she said: we don't have your $25 coupon here so you would be charge full fare. 
I then spoke with the "supervisor", Veronica Fernandez, to which I explained again the whole situation and she said: "our policy is that if you don't cancel before 6pm, you would be charge $50"
I asked her: so, you rather lose a customer than changing my reservation to tomorrow? 
Her answer was: "I have a policy that I need to follow". 
Well, you just lost a customer and I'll make sure to tell everyone about my bad experience. 
I'd rather go to L'auberge Hotel in Louisiana where you are treated with respect and their slots actually pay good money.  

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November 17, 2016
How old do u have to be to gamble
Deborah Ramirez
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