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I have to say I am only 23, having said this I have been gambling since I was a boy about 14. I am an experienced gambler and have been to multiple casinos around the world, even illegal joints in some cities. Kickapoo has a very very low pay back rate. You will loose money here. This casino actually came on the news about a year or two ago. Some of the employees were caught rigging the machines to not pay out and were keeping the money. I have been here about 6 times didn't loose much didn't win much. if you do go don't take more then 150 bucks. Im not complaining really not like I said I didn't loose money here I've actually won about 500 dollars here. Just look around the casino no one is winning no one. just save your money and go to Oklahoma or Louisianan yes its further but its worth it in terms of payback percentage. I just hate to see people I care about waste their time and hard earned money.
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June 20, 2014
I did a Google search to see if I could find information about the employees cheating the cutsomer at that casino, which is what you claim, but I didn't find anything. Do you have more information about it?

steve bourie
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