by Matt Bourie 


Everyone loves to try out their luck at a casino every once in a while. However, no matter how fun and exciting it is to play slot machines, it’s even more fun to win some great cash jackpots!

Nowadays, the general public knows much more about how slot machines work than before, but there are still many questions that’ll probably stay unanswered. However, the one thing people are most curious about is how to raise their odds of winning at a slot machine and hitting that big jackpot.

Although this is quite a complicated topic because each slot machine functions slightly differently, there are several tips any passionate casino player could use to improve their chances. So, continue reading to find out more about how you might be able to up your winning chances.

Find Out the Return To Player (RTP)

First and foremost, the RTP plays a crucial role in raising and measuring winning odds. The RTP, or Return to Player Percentage, is a number that shows the possibility of each slot machine getting you a prize. Essentially, this percentage number will tell you how likely you are to hit the jackpot. The higher the number, the better the overall payback percentage on that particular machine.

You usually won’t have any difficulties finding out what the RTP is for online slots, but brick and mortar casinos in the U.S. hide these numbers very well. So, although it’s almost impossible to find out the actual RTP numbers for traditional casinos, but you can do some research and find an approximate number.

With this information, you can choose which slots have the highest RTP – the most likely ones to hit the jackpot.

Focus on Higher Denomination Slots

While gambling, all players have the complete freedom to put as much money as they want on slots. However, if you’re playing to win, keep in mind that slots with higher denominations usually have higher payout percentages. So, if your goal is to get a better shot at leaving a winner lot of money, choose high denomination slots, if your bankroll can afford them.

These slots come with some great advantages. Besides better payout percentage, they come with various other perks when compared to low limit slots. For these reasons, focusing on high limit slots is better than wasting your time on low limit slots.

Look for a Winning Cycle?

Many people claim there is a winning cycle in slot machines where you’re more likely to win a prize. Additionally, people point out these winning cycles usually happen during evenings and nights.

Although slot machines don’t have a built-in clock that tells them when it’s time to start a winning cycle, slot machines are played more during evening hours. As they’re played more frequently, and there’s a larger number of spins per hour, there’s also more jackpots hit during these periods.

However, this isn’t connected to the time itself, rather to the frequency of slot machine playing. But, if you’d like to maximize your winning odds, it doesn’t really matter when you head to your closest casino.

The ultimate decider, in the long run, will be luck, so have fun trying different times for your playing sessions.

Avoid Machines People Don’t Play?

It’s a known fact that some slot machines are more played than others. So, should you check out which slots are played the most and focus on them? They are played more often than the ones placed in the out-of-way areas, these slots hit more jackpots. But again, this isn’t true.

You may have heard that some casinos even intentionally place their best-paying slots in the middle of a row to attract more notice when someone gets a jackpot. If those machines were placed in a corner, they wouldn’t get the necessary attention but that is incorrect.

The only reason machines in certain locations  within a casino hit more jackpots is just because they are played more. The easier it is to sit down and play at a machine, the more people are going to play it and the more people that play it, the more people will hit jackpots. It’s as simple as that!

Simply put, avoiding slot machines people don’t play won’t really affect your chances of winning big, so just play a game you enjoy.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Nowadays, more and more slots come with various bonuses and mini-games for some additional prizes and perks. These bonuses are more present in online slots, such as those offered at Raging Bull Casino, but they can be found in traditional casinos too.

Many people easily disregard these bonuses and don’t pay much attention to them. Nevertheless, they can sometimes play crucial roles in winning a bigger prize.

Although these bonuses and mini-games usually consist of short rounds where you typically get free spins, re-spins, some extra symbols, these can sometimes play a deciding factor whether you win a jackpot or not. Besides, bonus games can also offer instant prizes. And, one more thing, when playing a bonus round you are not betting any of your own money, so this will help your bankroll to last longer.

So, picking a slot machine that has bonus games in it could further increase your winning odds.

Always Budget For Your Bankroll!

A final reminder that your playing luck will determine how successful your gambling outcomes are when playing slots. But, before starting, there is always one vital rule to make the most out of your play.

The most important thing is to set a budget for your slot playing session. This way, you won’t spend more than you intend to.

Also, setting a win goal is another good option. If you get lucky and hit a big win, consider calling it a day. Or, perhaps set aside 50% of your big win for further playing and pocket the rest for another day.


In sum, various factors can influence your success while using slots. Although there’s nothing that guarantees you an instant win, these tips could help you get the best results out of each slot machine. By combining them into an advanced strategy, you’ll maximize your chances of winning.

However, slot machines are still mostly based on random numbering, so keep in mind luck plays a crucial role in winning a jackpot.

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