by Matt Bourie

More and more people are choosing to play slot machines. Because of the widespread use of the internet, slot games are now available to us 24/7. With such a wide range of games that you can play both in brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as at online casinos, there is a growing number of players who enjoy playing slot machines.

In the world of entertainment, however, not everything is so simple. If you like to play slots, you can also make mistakes that can cost you money and possibly even lose out on some fun. Slots are mostly characterized as games that depend on luck and a random number generator. But luck is not the only thing that matters in these games. It helps to know a few tips if you want to be a better player in order to win more often or, at the very least, to lose less money.

Here are some common mistakes that many players make.

Not Paying Attention to Bonuses

Every casino provides their players with various promotions to encourage their business. These offers come in the form of free spins, no deposit bonuses. reload bonuses, or cash-back bonuses. You can find online bonus codes, like those offered at BoVegas Casino for online casinos and often use them without having to deposit any real money. is a website that offers many no deposit casino bonuses to try a variety of different casinos without having to pay any money

A common mistake players tend to make is that the bonuses offered by the casino are sometimes not on their minds, especially when they are on a winning streak. Casinos constantly offer their customers various types of promotions and they should always be used because those promotions can increase your wins and give you an advantage.

Switching Constantly From One Slot to Another

Another possible mistake is to switch frequently from one slot machine to another. It’s probably hard to sit back and play just one or two slot games, but that’s the best way to play slots to win for some people.

If you switch from one slot to another frequently, you won’t become well versed with any of them to understand the nuances of each particular game. To learn the game, you should focus on one slot and be patient. Very few players have this kind of patience. Most players wants to change games regularly because of different designs and gameplay.

It’s more interesting and exciting, but it helps to study one game if you want to win. Many players don’t even understand a game entirely and they decide to make max bets without knowing if that is the best way to play that machine.

Ignoring Return To Player (RTP) Rates

Before you decide to place your bet on a slot machine at an online casino, check the machine’s RTP policy. Not only do different slot games come with a different set of themes, sound effects, additional features, and symbols, they also have different RTP (Return To Player) rates.

If you are unfamiliar with the term RTP, it represents the theoretical return to the player for that particular machine. For example, if a slot machine has a theoretical RTP of 95%, it means that a player can expect $950 returned for every $1,000 played.

Keep in mind that it is a long-term number based on millions of spins on a machine. You should also understand that no two slot machines are identical and the RTP can be different between two machines that look the same.

Being in a Hurry to Spin Again

Slot machines and the games on them are designed to be played very quickly. That’s what excites the players. Even before the first spin is over, you can usually stop the reels early to avoid waiting for them to stop on their own. But that’s not a smart thing to do. You need to remember that slot machines are negative expectation games, which means that the faster you play, the faster you are expected to lose.

That way, the slot machines can very easily take away all the money you planned to invest that evening to play as long as possible. And you will be left without money and profit. No player wants that.

Not Knowing When to Quit

The goal of gambling is fun, and we must never forget that the money we gamble with is money intended for entertainment and recreation and not the cost of living. So long story short: don’t gamble with money you need to pay the bills!

Before you start playing, it is essential to determine your budget and how much time you will spend on the slot machine. And stick to it whether you are doing well or poorly. Never try to recoup a loss or multiply a profit. If you see that you are not doing well or are making a nice profit, it might be a good time to  take a break, quit before you lose more, or even to head home with your winnings.


While playing slots is a losing proposition in the long run, winning money by playing slots is possible and millions of people do it every day. Hopefully, some of these tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes while playing slots will make you a better player and help you to leave as a winner.

Now that you know some of these tips, just choose the best game for yourself and your budget, and start spinning the reels. Good luck!

Matt Bourie is the editor of the American Casino Guide book. He has been writing about casinos for more than 12 years and he also co-hosts the American Casino Guide YouTube channel which has had more than 37 million views. A new video is released each month that discusses a new casino gambling topic and you subscribe for FREE at at