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(Updated: February 20, 2018)
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Ok so when you gamble, you lose some and win some, but when you go there a few times each month, you would expect to at least win a little sometimes. Unfortunately the last 9 times I was there I lost at least 200-300 each time. It wasn't even due to playing crazy, I don't go into the high limit rooms, nor was I there long each and every time playing any winnings away, usually 2-3 hours and that includes eating and waiting for drinks. Last 4 times it was horrible, I did nothing but lose, never even hit at all, lost it all within 30 mins. I won't spend more than 300, but I haven't even been able to hit the slots to a point where I'm ever ahead. I do max bet, since with a lot of the games it's the only way to win the jackpot, but now I noticed most of the new games are a lot more expensive to max bet, it seemed the average was 6.00 a spin with some even more up to 9. So frustrating when you are playing that much per spin and each time you are winning like 50 cents or nothing, so hard to get the features too, like the free games. What's even more sad is I've been going there since the Casino opened and the highest jackpot I ever won was 1,000. I know plenty of others with the same experience too. As for the free drinks, forget it, it takes about 20 mins to get a drink from a waitress, that's if you even see one. Most don't announce they are taking orders for drinks and if you do catch a waitress, by the time it gets to you, you've been stuck at a crappy machine and lost 5x what the drink would cost at the bar. The wait at the bar is not much better, even getting a drink at the bar takes quite a bit of time. Overall the food is not that great, the only place worth eating at is the Hamburger place, the burgers are really good. The buffet isn't bad, but it's expensive for how little is offered. I did give the gaming atmosphere 3 stars and would have given it more if it was cleaner, going to the self serve counter especially, it's so messy, but I do like the new layout and most of the people are friendly. The location is good too, and I've never felt like it wasn't a safe environment, I'm definitely comfortable enough to go by myself even at night, but if that's all it's good for, I'd rather stay home instead with friends and family and save a ton of money. I won't be going back, I can't justify losing another dollar there, and I hear and have read that this is a current trend for PA Casinos, I'll try my luck in West Virginia. For the rest of you that do go, be careful you don't lose more than you anticipated, if you ever get ahead even by 20, cash out and consider yourself a winner. Good luck, you will need it. 
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