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(Updated: February 29, 2016)
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We used to like the Meadows Casino over Rivers Casino, but on February 20th,I was playing a penney slot machine when it ate my ticket that I inserted into the machine, I pressed the service button, and to my surprise nobody came. It took 45 minutes for a machine technician to show up. When he did, I said to him, it's about time you show up, it's only been 45 minutes. The service attendant was so rude and ignorant, he came back at me with a comment, "how are we supposed to know, you need to notify us", I told him I hit the service button, the service light was on.He proceeded to unjam the machine and found my crumpled up ticket and threw it at me saying "here's your ticket". Proceeded to close the machine, lock it and left. I was furious, no body talks or treats me like that. I found the floor manager and explained to him what happened, and he knew who I was talking about. Apparently, they have had other complaints about this person. He said that someone would speak with him! The floor manager apologized and said that he would give me $30 on my player card. Nope it never showed up. You guessed it. The employees are rude and ignorant and the management is, Oh we will take care of it, but to no avail.The Meadows Casino has gone way south on the service and the atmosphere that they used to have. No more, I will prefer to go to places that appreciate the business. These are the kind of things that will ruin your business if not taken care of, and as I see it, you will never see it coming until it is to late. People will just stop coming. One bad apple can ruin the whole bushel.
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