Meadows Casino, The

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2.1 82
Pennsylvania 7015
Terrible Service Terrible Management Very Low Wins
(Updated: June 29, 2012)
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Several visit findings:
Casino workers have terribles attitudes.
Management is supportive of employee terrible behavior.
Management doesn't want new customers by insulting them.
Employees and management treat new players as not worthy to play.
Zero motive for new players, not a fun group casino if new players are in the group.
Employees are miserable, passing it off to the customer or would be customer.
Too many parking lot fights, indicating no wins for a high rate of customers arriving together losing.
Anyone going loses, because the atmosphere is poor.
The food court is poorly kept.
The beverage bar was messy, unkept. Every visit ran out of beverages, sugar, creamers, cup lids, out of coffee cups.
Service desk bad attitudes, poor or short useless explanations of promotions. Calls to customer service yielded no return calls after many attempts.
Outcome: they don't care for anyone, new customers lost. Advice: they need to have a program for better service, polite and patient with new customers. The information given to customers must be accurate. A new customer program needs to be in place. A family program to encourage more players with more promotions could benefit the place, customers. The existing customers can be retained by showing them better treatment of any players they bring.
A existing customer referral reward might benefit everyone.
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