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Worst freeplay than any other casino
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This is a good looking casino, thanks to all of us that donated. They should thank us all, instead for me i get rewarded 5 or 10 dollars a week in freeplay with a gold card near platinum status. They are awful on freeplay. If you go to Wheeling they comp you with free buffets and free hotels and LOTS MORE IN FREE PLAY.

The smoking areas are set up weird. I have NEVER WON MORE THAN $1,000 up there and no joke i have been up there almost EVERYDAY since the tent opened up and put LOTS of money up there and they are very tight on their freeplay.

I put 1,000 dollars up there this month and got 10 dollars in free play and i have a gold card which states 500 dollars a month. I HAVE NEVER GOT NOWHERE NEAR THAT. I guess they give it to who they know and like along with the jackpots.

I have done WAY better at Wheeling including a 10,000 dollar jackpot down at wheeling in 2003. I am now looking forward to bringing my business back to wheeling. The meadows does have a nice looking casino, but that is about it.

The pizza is good though and is reasonably priced, but every time i complain about my freeplay to the players club they tell me there is a glitch in their computers, something with the matrix. I think they just have it out for me, but I'm no longer worried about it because WHEELING AND MOUNTAINEER HERE I COME. Plus, in W.V the 5 dollar machines max bet is only 5 bucks instead of 10 and 15 dollars. Also, west virginia's 5 dollar machines hit better anyway.

Good luck to the rest of you and i strongly suggest wheeling or mountaineer over the meadows and wheeling now has help yourself on the drinks which is nice.....WHEELING HERE I COME!
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