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(Updated: November 06, 2016)
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I go to Parx a couple times a week. Win some, lose more often. It's a casino. It's just close to home. The slot service on the floor can be unbearable. I had a voucher fail to print and it took 20 minutes for a slot person to come. This was the second long wait in a month. Their comp system is well below industry standards. It takes tons of play to earn decent food comps. You earn one point for $ 20.00 in slot play, one point for $ 60.00 in video poker play. Ten points in a day will earn you $2.00 extra play. I recently ran up 63 points and received less than $2.00 in comps. Yeppers that's 63 points X 20.00 = $1,260 played through the machines. That is just not reasonable. They did give me 8 monthly free plays of $ 15.00 per day. Some times there's a bonus day with an extra 5, 10 or 15. The food choices are limited but the ladies that work at foodies and the Earl of Sandwich are nice and polite. The cleanliness in the casino in the morning is good. I've been there on a saturday night. never again. AS busy as it is they do a good job keeping the rest rooms clean. Overall it's a racino, that want's to grow and be a casino. They don't need to give the player's anymore as they have such a big customer base with no competition, why bother? I refer to some of the patrons as the great unwashed. These people eat at slots, use the floor for an ashtray, leave food between the machines, so it's not all Parx's fault. They don't treat their homes like that. So, to be fair Parx is an average casino with no competition. They could improve their comps a bit and increase free play. 
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