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This facility, unlike its corporate rival 'Sands Bethlehem' holds discriminatory policies against lawful immigrants to the United States. The Gaming Control Boards final regulations state that it is the responsibility of ths facility to ensure underage gamblers are not present through ID checks, but does not exclude US Permanent Resident ID Cards (which are the most secure and comprehensive Givt. Issued ID's in this country) from use as valid Government Issued ID. At Mt Airy however, these Identifications are not accepted. Unfortunately for such individuals they do not qualify for admission to this Casino. The response of the Casino? "It's not the law, it's just this own private establishments policy, you should have a stats ID". Well, for those of us in the Military who often find themselves stationed abroad or traveling frequently on temporary orders it is a little difficult to get such a document. If stationed with your wife in Japan for example, there is not exactly a DMV office you can go to for an ID now is there? So when you're visiting your family in the States and you want to take your spouse out for a dinner date you're in for a rude awakening! She's an immigrant, and despite having a form of ID that is acceptable to board an airplane, she's just a little to brown to enter this casino! Ultimately they do give you an escort, a wristband and a little yellow sign you have to display at the table that says your a minor! Just whatI had in mind for our romantic date! What made it even better was when the service staff forgot to give us drinks... At all. I don't mean refills, I mean drop the food and walk away status. We were also given just 1 set of utensils AND to top it off, the wrong food! Ready for the real mind blower?! I used to work here, at this very Casino; in the F&B department! I can assure you that this was NOT some sort of honest mistake, or some sort of situation where I am just being picky. The service staff was just grossly negligent! In the interests of protecting the staff of the restaurant from the hammer that tends to come down after these type of reviews, I will not share where we dined. It's a lack of leadership and competent management that leads to these types of mistakes! Lastly; I Do support the right of this establishment to deny service at their discretion! Absolutely! Make no mistake I am not tryna suggest we should have some sort of socialist dystopia that tells you how to do business. However in a capitalist society consumers have power too! As a consumer I thus exercise my own right to use technology to tell the community just how insulted me and my wife were at the treatment we received. After spending a good amount of time personally serving Mr. DeNaples, his family, father sica and so many of his friends, I'm pretty stunned this type of policy goes in place. I thought these were very reasonable and straightforward people. Yet none of the staff could give me a very reasonable or straightforward answer as to why this is. How such a mindless drone army of security has arisen from a family that knows the game like they know the game is beyond me. I even went so far as to download the gaming regulations and read them over; I just had to be sure my anger was directed at the right place. For petes sake I wasn't even there to drink or Gamble, however the feeling of marginalization I felt as you stamped my hand and had the audacity to thank me for my service after making my wife feel like she wasn't a human being is unforgivable.
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June 11, 2022
A very stupid review. They have a policy. Too bad
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