Optimum Video Poker v3.5 is updated and upgraded software from Dan Paymar. Aside from all of the fantastic features the software had previously, this software can actually teach correct play according to the strategy chart of your choice! The Strategy Evaluator is an advanced training system never before offered to the general VP player, inspired by the manager of the largest ever Vegas VP slot team and based upon techniques that were highly successful in training hundreds of professional team playersDisc only, no download available.


  • Any Mac running OS X 10.9.5 or later.


Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

General Features

Easy installation
Large, clean card images for easy play
Play with only the mouse, only the keyboard, or both
User Manual pdf document

Complete game analysis in less than five seconds on most modern computers

Strategy Charts and Training
Strategy charts provided for most popular games
Edit a strategy chart or enter your own
Calculate the precise payback with your strategy chart
Teaches correct play according to your preferred strategy chart
Strategy charts can be printed page size or card size
Save your preferred strategy with each game
Strategy data can be exported to a spreadsheet
Generate a strategy for minimum cost of a royal

Handles the most popular game structures
More than 40 pre-analyzed games supplied with program
Create a “new” game easily by editing any existing game’s name and payoff table
Share new games with other users by e-mail, even between Windows and Macintosh platforms

Hand Analysis
Analyze any hand at any time, even a final hand
Shows all 32 ways of playing the hand, sorted by EV
Gives true Expected Values (instead of expected payoff for 5-coin bet)
Enter a hand to be analyzed without leaving the game window

Training Features
Strategy Check compares every hold selection with best play
User-specified error threshold for Strategy Check
Investigate penalty card situations easily
Hint button shows best way to play a hand
Auto Hint shows best play for every hand dealt
Auto Hold automatically holds best cards for you

Bankroll Considerations
Variance and Standard Deviation, including SD curves
Attractiveness Index for quick game and casino comparison
Risk of Ruin using the famous Sorokin formula
Cost of a royal (for progressive jackpot evaluation)
Poisson Distribution calculates royal flush probabilities
Work in betting units or in dollars and cents
Calculate slot club values

Create any number of player personalities
Separate Player Preferencesreferences for each personality
Player History saved separately for each player personality


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