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This little place is nice if you're traveling through. Not a destination for fun. Don't make a special trip to go here. Hotel attached with buffet. Nice little rest stop.
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August 05, 2015
An excerpt from my email to management:

My wife and I had been staying at your hotel for 2 full days -- at your invitation -- when the events in question occurred. We were satisfied with the cleanliness of our room but it was the smallest hotel room we had ever stayed in. We were severely disappointed to find your restaurant was closed, especially when we had planned on dining in your hotel several times during our stay.

We found the staff mainly helpful but unfriendly and grim during our stay (none of them smiled once), a perception that was reinforced when we went down for a final round of gambling on the morning of the final day of our visit. We were proceeding through the causeway from the hotel to the casino when your security guard stopped me. I explained that we were guests at your hotel and the casino was only 20 feet away but he rudely assured me that he "didn't care if I was the president of the United States," I couldn't proceed because your staff was servicing the 10 or 12 machines located there. I responded by assuring him that I would go around to the main entrance but there was no need to be so officious about it. I don't think he knew what the word meant because he went out of his way to harass me after that as recapped below.

If you will review your video footage, you will see this security yelling at me and my wife "stop!" when we went in the front entrance a couple of minutes later, and holding his arm and hand up to emphasize the unnecessary and unwelcome command. I told him I understood and we proceeded to go around the area that was being serviced. A few minutes later, your security guard appeared at my side and instructed me to cash out my ticket and to "move my ass" right away. I told him I understood the need and would do so, but I didn't need a lecture. Apparently, he felt I needed a lecture because he proceeded to give me one -- right in my face and he had bad breath and he wouldn't stop. I was exasperated with this man by this point and told him to "Go to hell!" and I meant it.

I cashed out my tickets and proceeded to the cashier cage because your ticket-cashing machine was not working. While I was standing in line behind another guest, about three or four of your employees -- including a woman who identified herself as the casino manager after I requested to talk to him or her --- pulled me out of line despite my protests that I was trying to cash my tickets and leave and they informed me that "under the circumstances," I should leave. I explained to them that that was precisely what I was trying to do when they pulled me out of line. I cashed my tickets, got my wife and we left. Please believe me when I tell you that we won't be back.

Your security guard clearly had it out for me, apparently because I called him "officious" -- but he was officious, rude and downright mean and unnecessarily so. We been to casinos all over this country and in Europe and we've never been treated like this. Why did you invite us if you were going to treat us so shabbily? Do you treat all your guests like this or just disabled veterans?

We are shocked and astounded at our treatment at the hands of this security guard.
Alan West
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