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The restaurant have horrible service.
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Most of the casino is okay. Very few slots you win good. But I DO NOT RECOMMEND their restaurants, especially Johnny Rockets. Me and 3 of my girlfriends sat down and ordered food and were just talking among ourselves, and all of a sudden security came and told us the manager wanted us to leave. And they didn’t really have a reason. They just said she said we were being too loud but we weren’t. We asked to speak to the manager and they said she won’t come talk to us. I’ve been a manager before, you do NOT ignore your customers. If they felt like we were disturbing other guests, which we weren’t, they could’ve came and talk to us nicely and let us know to quiet down a little but nobody even came to us and give us a warning. All we got was two security guys coming up to us after we had already ordered our food, and said we had to leave. So we didn’t get any food and we didn’t get a good reason why they wanted us out. We did not do anything wrong and only mind our own business. And we still didn’t get a chance to talk to the manager. She would NOT come talk to us. This was dealt really poorly and unprofessional. They definitely need better management in the Johnny Rocket’s restaurant. We will definitely no go back to support them. Obviously they did not want our money and support. 
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